Professional Decorative Concrete Contractor in Orange County, CA

Interested in a more decorative concrete surface for your residential or commercial property? We are here to help you out. Are there questions bugging you right now, like:

  • How much will a concrete makeover cost?
  • How are concrete enhancements installed?
  • What are the different products and services available?
  • How would it actually look like when it is done?
  • How cost-efficient are these?
  • Who is the best contractor to go to in Orange County?

We have all the answers! 

Trusted Concrete Solutions Provider

decorative concrete orange county

Concrete Coating Specialists Inc. is a premier decorative concrete company and an exclusive Sundek installer in the Orange County area. We have more than 20 years of experience as a professional contractor offering a variety of services for concrete patios, pool decks, driveways, garage floors, and other surfaces. We can help put your ideas to work, making sure that your surface turns out exactly how you envision it.

Resurfacing Services We Offer

We offer a variety of options to suit your needs, ranging from resurfacing to epoxy floor application. If you want to give your property a fresh look without spending a huge amount of money, we can simply resurface several key areas. We can give your floors a fresh new layer of specialized coatings to revive its original brand new look and shine. Whether you have a residential or commercial property set deep in the heart of Anaheim or has a view of the Beach, we can enhance its appearance and value in ways you never thought possible. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Sundek Classic Texture – This product is recommended for high-traffic areas and is excellent for your pool deck or driveway. The non-slip, cool to the feet spray texture overlay is the perfect choice for both residential and commercial areas.
  • Stamped Concrete Overlays – If your existing floor has become unattractive due to age and sun exposure, we can put stamped overlays to improve its appearance. This is a great way to achieve popular floor patterns such as flagstone, bricks, pavers and more!
  • Stained Concrete – You can save money and achieve a unique look through staining instead of using a traditional flooring option. We have a wide range of colors and our stain technique will liven up any home and provide the perfect visual enhancement for any commercial property.
  • Epoxy Flooring – Your garage would benefit greatly from epoxy floor coatings. Many commercial clients choose epoxy for their rest rooms, locker rooms and storage facilities because it is durable enough and is easier on the upkeep. You can also use this convenient flooring and sealing option in any area that needs repair and minimal maintenance.

Exquisite Decorative Concrete Surfaces in Orange County

With Concrete Coating Specialists Inc., property owners can easily have gorgeous looking outdoor or indoor flooring at an affordable price. After all, it is not necessary to have an income like California’s local celebrities to achieve the fancy look that you want. It is our mission to turn your plans into a tangible reality, without compromising your financial stability.

To find out more about our products, designs, and services, call us today at (714) 563-4141 or send an email to We would love to hear from you!