concrete overlay contractorFinding a contractor for a specific type of project may be quite challenging. Concrete overlay contractors, for example, are plentiful in the area but not everyone is qualified and reliable. You have to make sure that every aspect of what they have to offer is on par with what you are expecting to acquire. Here are tips you could follow to ensure the proper selection of a concrete overlay specialist.

Do Your Research

You can ask for recommendations but do not just rely on what information you are provided with. Do your own research, too. It is best to take advantage of the internet to find reviews about local contractors. If you have a specific project in mind, make sure to check if the contractor you are interested in offers it and has experience doing it. Check for customer reviews about the specific project to see if they do quality work.

Ask for Detailed Quotations

Ask bids from different contractors. This will allow you to compare prices. However, don’t just ask for a cost estimate, have them include the thickness of the overlay, any reinforcement they would be using, the colors involved, the sealer, used, and how much downpayment is needed. If you could come up with other information that would help you justify their rates, please do ask for it.

Check Pattern and Color Options

How wide is their range of design options? It can be difficult working with a contractor if the choices are limited, even if they are the best in town. It’s like forcing yourself to buy in a single shop just because it is the one right in front of you. If you already have a color and pattern in mind, ask if it is available. Also, ask for similar colors and patterns that they could recommend. This will give you a glimpse of how well-versed they are when it comes to design.

Check Portfolio to Measure Skill

Contractors should have records of their previous jobs. It could be a photo album of the work they have done or a gallery somewhere in their website. Check their work and take note of how clean or orderly they do their work. Do they wear the proper gear for overlaying? Are they using the proper tools and equipment? How efficient and meticulous are their artisans? All these can help you measure the experience and skill of a contractor without actually asking them to do a demonstration. You could ask for a demonstration, too. Who knows? There might be some who are willing to provide one.

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Interior designers are very passionate about their chosen craft. They make sure that every material, method, color, or maybe texture they choose enhances a room to a whole new level. When interior epoxy flooring became available as an option, resurfacing floors will never be the same again. Here are the top reasons why interior designers are going gaga over this seamless epoxy flooring option.

epoxy flooring orange county

1. Epoxy Floors are Highly Flexible

Just when you thought epoxy was only for garage floors, it found its way into other interior rooms. Designers love using it indoors because it goes with any dated design concept. Whether you choose a modern or classic look, this coating will match perfectly.

2. Bold But Classy

Epoxy coating comes in a range of colors, bold and subtle alike. Risk-takers would surely love the many different colors and design options possible with an epoxy flooring. The great thing about a boldly colored epoxy surface is that it does not look tacky.

3. Range of Reflectivity

Reflective floors help brighten the room without adding more lights. It helps conserve energy, too. Epoxy flooring comes in a range of finishes, from flat to high gloss. Depending on the look you are going for and the level of brightness you want the room to achieve, choose the shine level wisely.

4. Waterproof

This seamless floor coating has zero porosity. Spilt water stays on the surface as water beads, making them easier to wipe off. Also, epoxy can also be used as a floor coating in the kitchen and even in bathrooms. You can use epoxy in almost any room in the house. It is resistant to stains, mold, and even mildew.

5. Tough and Durable

One thing that interior designers need to always consider is when their clients have pets. The regular scratching of hooves and nails on the floor could wreak havoc on the material. Epoxy is such a tough material that it maintains its smooth surface with barely a scratch. No matter how heavy the traffic, epoxy will last several years.

6. Kid-Friendly and Nursery-Approved

Epoxy is a safe material. It stays intact and it does not give off any harmful fume, making it safe for kids to walk and play on. As for nurseries, epoxy is hypoallergenic, does not accumulate dirt, and is a lot easier to clean and maintain than other indoor flooring materials. It does not require sealers, waxes, or any special cleaning product.

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The internet is full of inspiring stories and images about pool decks. But do you ever feel like those decks you see online are almost too good to be true? While this is not the case, surely, it is important to formulate ideas that are suitable for your needs. Choosing a design just because it looks good online does not often work out well. Get all the inspiration you want on the web but customize it so that every single detail is designed appropriately for you. Here are some tips to help you come up with pool deck ideas that are suitable for you:

Start with the Basics

Before you think about fancy features, plan the basics first. Consider how much space you have in your backyard and how much of it are you willing to turn into a pool deck. Plan the type of material you want and the design concept you are going for.

Make a List

List down everything you would want to see on your pool deck. Just keep listing as you think of something. When you are done, sort it with doable and those that are not doable. Then filter the list again, crossing out those that would require an exorbitant amount of money or too much work.

Complement the House

The pool deck is supposed to be an extended living space. However, if it gives off a look that is completely different than that of the house exterior, it may seem like a disconnected element that somehow found its way into your yard. Also, make sure that the size is scaled according to the size of the house and the property as a whole. Imagine how a large multi-deck would look beside a small cottage home.

Be Design Creative

There are many designs out there but you don’t have to choose a pre-made one for you. Play around with free deck design software to help you reimagine the pool deck. Explore the different materials, concepts, and add-ons until you find one that just might work for you. Check colors, too, and try out fun ones. You would be surprised at how you think one color is too much but, when you try it out on a 3D designer, goes to prove that it actually looks great.

Go Portable

If you want portable pools and decks, then go for an above-ground type. If you have a fixed pool and pool deck, choose portable accessories. This way, you could easily move them around if you wish to acquire a new look or layout.

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Holidays in Orange County often involves light rains and cooler temperatures. The swimming pool area may not be an ideal venue for Christmas or New Year parties but it is still best to prepare it for the Winter season. Here are some ways you can make the pool deck ready for the holiday festivities and December weather:

Resurface a Concrete Pool Deck

pool deck orange countyAdding a coating or overlay on an existing pool deck will do more than just improve its visual appeal. Pool deck coatings help protect the existing slab, thus, extending its lifespan. Resurfaced decks are easier to clean and maintain. If you do decide to throw a party by the pool, there are textured coatings that make the deck more slip-resistant. Popular options are stamped overlays and cool deck coatings.

Add Festive Decor to Commemorate the Holidays

Just like you would decorate the patio or porch, the pool area deserves the same treatment. You can add garlands along railings or walls. You can switch to green and red pillows or tablecloths. If you have a cabana, adding Christmas decor would be easier. If you have an outdoor fireplace, hang some socks on it. You can even set up a Christmas tree right on the deck. Just make sure that it is secure and not too close to the pool.

Let Christmas Lights Shine on the Pool Area

Hang some lights on trees, if you have some, or along the eaves of the roof. Make sure to choose LED lights as these are safer and consumes less energy than traditional lights. The lighting not only makes the outdoor space more reminiscent of the holidays, it also creates an enchanting and more glamorous space to meet the new year. Floating candles create enough drama to make the pool area more magical. Just make sure that no one will be swimming in the pool while the candles are lit up.

Seal the Deck for Extra Protection

pool deck orange countySince winter in Orange County involves more rain than snow, it is highly recommended to keep the deck protected from damage caused by rainfall. Sealing a concrete or wooden deck makes it less porous. This means water or moisture can’t penetrate the surface and wreak havoc from deep within the deck. There are many different types of sealers. Consult a pro to make sure you choose the right one that best suits your needs.

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Your pool area didn’t just grow out of your backyard. It took a great amount of time and money to have a swimming pool and deck. It is important to take care of your investments. Proper maintenance will not only keep your investment in good working condition, it will also help prevent more costly repairs in the future. To help you get started, here are ten essential pool maintenance tips you should do:

1. Balance the Pool Water

The pool water’s pH level needs to be balanced at all times. The right level would be somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6. To determine your pool’s, you can either call an expert to check or bring a sample to a local pool expert for testing. Appropriate treatment will be recommended to help balance the level.

2. Clean the Water and Pool Decking

When you clean the pool, don’t just take out the floating leaves or branches. You have to brush the walls and pool decking as well. Check the lint basket and make sure that it is emptied regularly. Address anything that would require a concrete repair before it gets worse. A pool deck resurfacing is highly recommended as an affordable but effective repair method.

3. Check the Pool Filter

The filter needs to be checked and cleaned regularly. Any debris or oil deposit could harden and stay stuck as temperatures drop. It would then be harder to clean when summer comes.

4. Consider a Shock Treatment

Do not be afraid to use a shock treatment. This is best done throughout the cool season. Just make sure that once you add the treatment to the pool, you run the pump and filter for several hours to help disperse the treatment throughout the entire pool.

5. Keep Algae Away

Chlorine is an effective way to minimize algae. The addition of an algaecide will help prolong and enhance chlorine’s effectiveness. Also, remove any debris from the pool that could enhance the growth of algae during seasons when the pool is not in use.

6. Check Chlorine Level

The constant level of chlorine should be 2 to 3 parts per million (PPM) during the winter season. However, if you have a salt chlorinator and pool blanket, the chlorine level should only be 1 to 2 PPM.

7. Put the Pool Cover

A pool cover can efficiently keep water in and debris out. Just make sure that the pool cover is durable enough to last through winter. Also, it has to be secure and safe enough especially in homes with kids and pets.

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Having your own pool area is nothing short of a luxury. While it is indeed an accessible space for fun and enjoyment, there is one crucial thing that pool owners sometimes take for granted: pool deck maintenance. Whether you like it or not, you would have to deal with deck debris, concrete damage, slippery spots, and the like. Worry not. As long as you have a list of basic things you need to do regularly to maintain your pool decking, it will always be in pristine condition.


Repair Pool Decking Damage Immediately

It is important to have the pool deck checked yearly even if it’s just a check-up. This way, you can catch issues before they get worse. There are inexpensive concrete repair methods available today for almost any type of damage.

Reseal the Concrete Pool Deck Every Few Years

If you have a concrete deck, it is important for the surface to be sealed. Concrete is highly porous and anything that penetrates the slab could wreak havoc from within. If your deck is still in good condition, all you have to do is have it resealed every couple of years or yearly if it gets heavy foot traffic. If there are some minor issues on the surface, a pool deck resurfacing can help improve its form and function.

Get Rid of Dirt and Debris

Simply sweeping the surface of the pool deck regularly can help rid it of fallen leaves and any other debris. Do not allow leaves to rot on top of the deck. This could cause discoloration especially on a concrete surface.

Rearrange Furniture

Moving furniture in different positions on a pool deck can help prevent stressed spots on the surface. Sometimes, a chair that has been positioned on the same spot through the years will cause scratches or sunken spots where the feet are. Rearranging them every now and then will help prevent this.


Don’t Paint the Deck

Paint is not a huge fan of moisture or water for that matter. The splashes of water from the pool or even rainfall will only damage the paint, causing it to separate from the deck, flake, and ultimately peel off. Instead of paint, use another finishing method, like stained concrete.

Don’t Overwash

Washing the deck is alright but do not overdo it. Hard and frequent washing could cause more damage than good. The constant scrubbing or pressure from a water hose could weaken the surface.

Don’t Use Chemical-based Cleaners

There are many commercial products out there that claim to clean pool decks efficiently. If you must use one, make sure to choose one that contain natural ingredients. Chemical-based products may harm the concrete slab, the sealer, or any coating on it. It is highly recommended to consult a pro before using any product.

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