An outdoor space in sunny California is best maximized with a swimming pool. You could be out doing some laps, playing pool games with your family, or just lounging around it with friends. No matter what it is you love doing around the pool, it is important that the pool deck is attractive and safe enough to optimize the experience. If you are not ready for an expensive concrete replacement, then decorative concrete resurfacing is for you.

Pool Deck Texture Coatings

There are many pool deck options out there but resurfacing the concrete surface is a quicker and a more economical choice. And that is without compromising appeal, safety, and durability. Here are the top pool deck coating options you should consider:

Spray Knock Down Finish 

spray knockdown texture orange county

  • This spray texture system is highly recommended for concrete pool decks. Instead of roller brushing the knockdown texture on concrete, it is sprayed with a gravity-fed hopper gun. The knockdown finish is acquired when the sprayed coating is knocked down manually with a hand trowel. This trowel finish is slip-resistant, durable, and absolutely pleasing to the eye.

Stamped Concrete Overlay 

  • stamped concrete pool deckThis decorative concrete overlay is popular for use on most outdoor surfaces. Homeowners would be glad to know that there are various patterns to choose from so you can choose something that you would actually love looking at. What’s better than being able to choose a design? The patterns are imprinted on the overlay so it creates a non-skid surface that helps prevent slips and falls. You can opt to have it stained, too, to a color that would best enhance the look of the pool area.

Decorative Concrete Design Options

The great thing about resurfacing swimming pool decks is that you can customize the look to suit your lifestyle and design interests. For a knock-down finish, you can choose to have designs scored or engraved to make it more interesting. You can also choose to have this finish on the majority of the space and then add stamped overlays in chosen sections. For example, imprint a brick or flagstone pattern on the pool coping to enhance the look of the pool. You can also put a stamped overlay on the walkway, the lounging area where the beach chairs are, or to highlight a focal point like a fire pit or statue. The design possibilities are endless.

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Epoxy coating is a popular material for those looking for an economical method of remodeling concrete surfaces. It comes in a variety of colors and can be customized in so many different ways. But why settle for traditional when you can use it in more fun ways? Here are some ideas you might want to try out in your home or business space.

Enhancing Garage Floors

epoxy flooringGarage flooring is probably the list thing in your mind when it comes to remodeling your floors. It is exposed to the most damaging elements such as tire marks, grease, chemicals, and more. However, turning it into an epoxy flooring not only makes it more durable and attractive, it gives you the opportunity to customize your garage at an affordable cost. Try some metallic epoxy, swirls, patterns, or custom graphics or prints. This coating will definitely bring showroom quality and appeal to your residential garage floor.

Improving Kitchen Sink Counters

epoxy flooringMost people hate doing the dishes. Imagine having to wash lard, leftovers, and sauces off of those dishes. Even the kitchen sink counter is exposed to such mess. But you can make it a lot easier to clean with an epoxy coating. Plus, it makes the kitchen sink area a lot more appealing. For sure, family members would enjoy doing the dishes once you update your counters.

 Adding Shine to Tabletops

epoxy flooringWhatever your style preference, you would surely love how epoxy coating works well with a tabletop. Whether you love vibrant colors, abstract designs, or are interested in something more luxurious or classic, epoxy can be customized to your liking. One great thing about epoxy is that it can be finished to a high shine, making it easier to wipe and clean the table. Old tabletops would surely look brand new with a layer of this durable coating.

Updating Bar Counters and Peninsulas

epoxy flooringBars and peninsulas are great areas to bond with family and friends, whether it is for a drink, preparing food, or having a quick breakfast. Make it look and function better with a layer of epoxy coating. You can incorporate some paint chips, graphics, designs, and more. Even commercial establishments can use this coating to update the look of their bars and counters. Not only will it appeal to customers, it would also be a lot easier for the dining staff to clean and maintain.

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You know how the garage is always a dreaded scene in thriller flicks? And did you notice how messy and disorganized those garages are? It may be true in real life but a garage can be as clean and organized as one can dream it to be. While some have started organizing theirs, they end up letting go of the order because it is such an inconvenience to put things back where they were first placed. So, to make it long-term, here are easy-to-maintain ways you could organize your garage:

Use a Pegboard

Garage PegboardYou’ve seen them in hardware and retail stores, pegboards are customizable organizing walls perfect for the garage.

You can attach hooks, braces, and the like wherever appropriate to make enough room for other stuff. Ideal items to store here are tools, paint brushes, and tapes.

Draw Outlines

If you are the one who organizes the garage, it is easy to know where things belong. However, it can be frustrating to have to tell family members where items should be placed after use. To make it easier for everyone, draw the outline of the item on the wall. Trace the shape of the scissors, hammer, or screwdriver so anyone, even kids, would know where each one belongs.

Reuse Old Lockers

colored lockIf you have an old locker at home, from school or work, repaint it and put it in the garage. Assign one locker per family member so they could stash their stuff, such as helmets and umbrellas, in their own storage locker. The lean space inside a locker is also great for storing long and lean items like rakes, brooms, fishing rods, wood planks, and more.

Storage on Wheels

It can be annoying to have to go back and forth getting all the stuff you need. The solution? Wheels. Say you have a bucket of items you often use for woodwork or a craft hobby, attach some wheels, like those under swivel chairs, to the bottom of the bucket or box so you can take it with you anywhere in the garage you want to work.

Brighten the Garage Flooring & Walls

epoxy flooring orange countyAside from adding or editing the storage layout in a garage, you might want to update your walls and floors, too. Cleaner and more efficient walls and floors can help improve the function and beauty of the garage as a whole. Give the walls a fresh layer of paint, whether it’s a plain wall or a pegboard.

Hire a contractor to upgrade to an epoxy flooring garage. This is easier to clean and maintain and it is way more durable than other materials for garage floors.

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Concrete floors are durable but many elements could cause it to weaken and deteriorate, such as heavy foot traffic, impact, or severe weather. You know it needs concrete repair but it can be tough deciding whether you should do the repairs or hire someone to do it for you. If you feel torn, you should weigh your options. Here are pros and cons to help you make a sound decision.

Why You Should Repair Concrete Floors Yourselfcheck

  • You cut labor costs since you do all the work. If it takes more than one person to tackle the job, you can always count on your brother, dad, uncle, or a helpful neighbor to help you out.
  • It can be quite fulfilling to be able to accomplish a task like repairing concrete floors. There is a certain satisfaction acquired after all is done and working.
  • It is a great opportunity for you to learn a new skill. There are video tutorials and instructional books on repairing concrete you could follow. If you already have the skill, a DIY is an opportunity to put it into practice and improve further.

Why You Should Hire a Concrete Contractor

  • Concrete repair is quite time-consuming especially if the damage is deep and extensive. Hiring a pro helps you save precious time and use it for something that matters more than your concrete floor.
  • A concrete contractor is trained, highly skilled, and experienced in the field of repairing floors. You can rest assured that the outcome would be something high quality.
  • Pros do it better and faster. Because they already have a process they follow and adhere to, the repair process goes smoother. There is no guess work involved and they don’t miss important steps.
  • Licensed contractors provide services that come with a warranty. If in case an adjustment is needed, they would come back, do the adjustment, and then charge you nothing extra.
  • Pros partner with vendors and suppliers so you know the materials they use are top quality. They would be able to get the things they need at a more affordable price compared to when you have to be the one to purchase at a local hardware.
  • Professional concrete contractors have the appropriate tools and equipment needed for better and faster repairs. They have the proper gear as well to stay protected during the concrete repair project.

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The first impression when one enters your home should be a lasting one. Imagine coming in to find plain interior floors in Orange County homes. Not only will it look boring, it will also reflect negatively on the owner. There are simple ways to turn bare floors into a warm and inviting surface. Here are some you might want to try out: (more…)

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Concrete has been around for ages. Although it was not on the frontline, it was a darn great base material. Nowadays, the spotlight is on concrete. Several concrete floor coatings and overlays have been developed to work with it. The purpose, of course, is to protect concrete from damage, being a highly porous material and all. So what are the best concrete applications for interior floors? (more…)

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