Stained Concrete in Orange County, CA

Acid Stained Interior Floor

Stained concrete is a great choice in livening up your interior and exterior floors. Our experienced installers  utilize this technique to provide residents and business owners in Orange County, California with quick, satisfying and best results.

Why Choose Concrete Staining?

Cement floors like patios are being used on a daily basis. They are also exposed to the sun. We can stain the area to remove unsightly blemishes and make them more functional and pleasing to the eyes.

The stains range from water based to acid stain and you can choose from a variety of colors. Additionally, the staining process creates a bond that will not crack, chip or peel and it’s also affordable.

Concrete Staining Options


SunAcid is a muriatic acid base solution that reacts with natural chemicals present in the concrete creating a shiny, translucent surface. It provides your concrete with more earth-tones like brown, reddish brown and green. The chemical reaction may even result to unique colors even when only one color has been applied. Since the reaction is permanent, the colors will not fade away giving your surface a beautiful and elegant finish.
View Acid Stain Color Chart


SunH20 is an eco-friendly stain designed for any type of cement overlay.  It does not require any chemical process to produce color. It can be combined with many different colors resulting to a more customized look that is not always possible with acid stain. It is ideal for creating a vibrant look in many residential and commercial settings.
View Water-Based Stain Color Chart

 Installation Process

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