Stamped Concrete Overlay Installation in Orange County, CA

Concrete Coating Specialists Inc. takes pride in our resurfacing services and high quality stamped concrete overlays. With over 40 years of experience in Orange County, California,  we can guarantee that you will only get the service you deserve. Our A+ score given by the BBB only proves that customer satisfaction is our main priority.

stamped concrete overlay orange county

 Stamped Concrete Overlay and Its Benefits

It is a combination of Portland cement, silica sand, cementitious hardeners and an adhesive.  This allows you to enjoy the look of stamp patterns and designs that are similar to the texture of more expensive materials like natural stone, limestone, flagstone, wood, pavers and bricks.
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It gives commercial or residential property with a pleasing, low-cost alternative to replacing your existing concrete. Using this application also means less mess, less yard repair, and less demolition.  It is also used to enhance the visual appeal of your home or business and to improve the function of any surfaces.

This technique has been used by home and business owners throughout Orange County, CA. In fact, many of the area’s most well-known landmarks, hotels and other buildings utilize overlays to provide a high-class look at a cheaper price.

Installation Process

With the use of an overlay, there is no need to tear out existing concrete surfaces. Our professional installers will simply spread it with a gauge rake then press the patterned mat to achieve the look that you want for your surface.

Installation Areas

A stamped overlay is a versatile application that makes a lasting impression on your surfaces. It can be
used over new or old concrete surfaces and even on stucco, drywall, brick and many other surfaces.

Other commercial and residential areas where it is commonly used include concrete pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, hotel lobbies, entryways, airports and restaurants.

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