Upgrade Your Concrete With An Ideal Acrylic Cement Coating

Newport Beach, CA Patio ResurfacingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc., provides the citizens of Newport Beach, CA, with a brilliant Acrylic Cement Coating by Sundek Classic Texture. The application that we use works best on a surface like an entryway, patio or pool deck. Here are some benefits of this application.

Before going any further, keep in mind that the texture by Sundek can completely make a surface look new after it has been resurfaced. It is understandable that parents and grandparents worry about a Pool Deck with children running around. The coating that we apply is resistant to slips. This in itself can provide peace to adults. However, there are more benefits to this application. It is cool to the touch, and it can be colored to go along with a certain outdoor theme. Some customers prefer a coating that features stonework or another design. Those desires are doable with the Sundek texture.

Constant use and the California sun can influence the surface of a Driveway or Patio. Our experienced associates are able to reseal a concrete area to make it look like it is new. The Sundek coating can be used on top of a Sundek or other application that has been used in the past. If there are colors or designs that are on a surface, we can highlight those features as well.

When we work on a project, we can address those annoying cracks and irritating chips that can occur on many concrete surfaces. The Sundek application makes people forget that the surface even had a problem.

The Acrylic Cement Coating that people want is here at Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc. Contact us by calling (714) 563-4141, or by filling out our request quote form available here in our website.