Create A Home Oasis With Sundek’s Acrylic Cement Coating

Saugus, CA Acrylic Cement CoatingConcrete Coating Specialists, Inc. installs high-quality acrylic cement coating products in the Saugus, CA area. Among several vibrant communities in Santa Clarita, SaugusĀ enjoy warm, sunny days and scenic mountain views. In area homes, residents use pool decks, patios and other outdoor living spaces on a year-around basis. We offer custom services designed to meet the needs of property owners to protect concrete surfaces and enhance their appearance.

Ordinary concrete surfaces can deteriorate when exposed to sunlight, rain, and heat. Airborne particles and chemicals add to the potential for flaking, chipping, cracking, and splits. We offer re-surfacing services to protect and color unfinished locations. If the original seals are intact, the old installation can be re-colored and re-sealed. This cost-saving treatment gives a faded area a new look and improved protection. Called refinishing, this process can update and upgrade a drab or worn appearance.

We offer repairs, re-surfacing, and refinishing services featuring Sundek Classic Texture. This remarkable product can transform any ordinary area into a beautiful setting for entertainment and recreation. Adding improved slip resistance and cooler surface temperatures, it is a leading choice for pool deck, patio, and entryway applications. Sundek Classic Texture treatment protects surfaces against chemicals and prevents soaked-in oil stains; it is excellent for driveway locations.

At Concrete Coating Specialists, Inc., we look forward to answering questions from area homeowners about our expert installations and outstanding acrylic cement coating products. Please call (714) 563-4141 today, our helpful and experienced staff is standing-by to assist orders, provide quotes, and arrange no-cost estimates. Details about our protective cement coatings and skilled installation services are available here in our website.