2021 Best Concrete Floor Color Trends (& those You Won’t Want Anymore)

It’s time to remodel your floors. And as you checked out your kitchen, living room, or patio, you realize that the concrete flooring in your properties looks outdated. The surface’s vibrant hues faded. Or, are you stuck with the sentiments of “what color floor is in 2019?”

That look in your face now is probably a reflection of your floors. That is something that needs to go away. 


Your concrete flooring can look as bright as new! So, bring out your bright smiles too, when you check out these 2021 Flooring trends that will bring all the difference to your properties.

Floor Color Trends that You Do NOT Want Anymore

Remember Living Coral in 2019? If you look back on how aesthetics developed during that year, you notice the abundance of warm colors over the teal palette or vice versa. 


It was also the year when the vibrant red is in, and modern metallics were such high investments. 


So now, take note of the following color combinations, color themes, or motifs that you will probably still hear but are now outdated. You do not want to try these floor color themes anymore. 

  • Living Coral
  • Off-Cream
  • Terracottas
  • Citrus Colors
  • Citrus Blue
  • Aquas
  • All White motif

Floor Trends that You Want for 2021

Now, what are the color themes that are worth trying this 2021? You may also want these to get added to your mid-year plan. Various color companies released their color themes for the year 2021. The most popular to date is the Pantone Pandemic Color. How does this look, and how could you incorporate this into your properties? There are more, so get down now to the list.

1- Warm Nostalgia and Aegean Teal

For the year of the Metal Ox, you will still see the peculiar mix of warmth and the crisp hue of metal.


Benjamin Moor color company hailed the warm and welcoming “Aegean Teal” as the year’s color. It has the gradient number Teal 2136-40, to be exact. So how does the company choose this color?


Aegean Teal appears warm and welcoming. Teal seems like a mix of blue-green. It reminds you of the ocean but with a subdued contrast giving it a warmer feel opposite the refreshing blue or green.


The Aegean teal looks good for creating a warmer tone in your living rooms or kitchen floors. You can match the walls and floors with this color.


A subdued tone of the teal works well with ecru or whitewashed furniture. You can stain or dye the floors with this pigment. Or customize the pigment when choosing for your epoxy floor. 

2- Human Touch

commercial stained concrete orange county caYou will not expect to see “Human skin tones” for searching for the 2021 color trends. But as 99 Designs listed, these “shades of human colors are in. How will you now add this to your floors? Human skin sounds like it does not accord with covering the floors. 


However, you can use colored concrete to create a nude look. The flesh tones paint the natural color. In the previous post, you read about Scratch-resistant floors. These include your wood planks and vinyl. If you notice, these materials are an excellent addition to your concrete, and they add a natural tone over the dull and cold vibe that the bare concrete floor gives. 


Here are the colors that share the same shade with your skin. Hex code presents this palette from light skin tone to dark skin tone. You may refer to the following color grades when searching for the right concrete color in your homes.


This color tone also fits your outdoor floors. Beige or light brown will naturally coincide with the scorching patterns or stamped patterns in your concrete patio, driveways, or pool decks.

3- Nordic Floor Colors

Last on this list, Nordic floors are in! At the beginning of the year, you might have heard non-stop about “Scandinavian interiors,” scandi–styled or scandi designs. Then, the Farrow and Ball company released the Nordic Edit palette.


The palette includes 24 colors that adapt the architecture and city landscape of the Danish or Nordic cities. 


You can picture the Nordic palette as the theme that departs from the minimalist art tren but with more colors and shades that evolve grey, white, and black. 


Take perspective from this 2021 color trend. Now, you will see grey floors no more! 


Nordic gives you grey colors and more. You can uplift your ordinary grey Flooring in Orange County, CA, into a centerpiece for your brand new “Nord-room.”

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