Creating Specialized Workstations in Your Garage: 5 Chic Style Ideas

If you are tired of having a messy workstation in your garage and want it to blend with or even stand out from the rest of your house, you have come to the right place!

Find out in this blog five design styles and simple techniques for creating them, especially how you can apply them with garage epoxy flooring.

5 Design Style Guides For Garage Workstations

Before furniture arrangements and applying Orange County epoxy garage floors, epoxy countertops, or wall and cabinet paints, you must know which design theme is best.

Here are five different styles to decorate your garage:

Minimalistic Garage Design

To create a clean, minimalist workstation style, consider using a monochromatic color scheme and “hidden away tools” arrangement.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

This scheme means using shades of the same color, such as shades of grey or tan, to create a cohesive and streamlined look. It can make sense of unity and consistency throughout your workspace.

"Hidden Away Tools"

If you want a minimalist look, hide your tools in cabinets, drawers, or other storage spaces with opaque doors. It will make your workspace less cluttered, promoting a sense of order and ease.

motorcycle in a garage

Industrial Rustic Garage Design

If you want to showcase your tools and create a rugged and industrial feel in your garage workstation, consider going for the following ideas:

Monochrome and Natural Texture

Consider using a monochromatic scheme and raw or raw-looking materials to create a more at-home-professional design. For example, you could paint black on the cabinets and then brick-stamp a wall or wood-stamp a concrete floor before using a brown or maroon garage coating.

"Exposed Tools" Look

You can leave your tools in the open or show them off on shelves or pegboards. This design can give your workspace a sense of authenticity.

epoxy treated garage

Art Deco Garage Design

Art Deco’s interior style has a sophisticated retro look with neat touches of metallic geometric patterns. Here’s how you can do it:

Complementary Color Scheme With Gold or Metallic Accents

This scheme means using colors opposite each other on the color wheel, like green and red, to make a lively and exciting look. To make an art deco style, make the colors warm, muted, or velvety.

You can also use neutral colors and mix metallic accents for this style. For instance, you can make the garage epoxy floor look like marble with gold veins.

"Sleek Geometric Patterns" Storage Look

Putting sleek geometric patterns on your cabinets, racks, or peg boards can make you feel more like a “classy artisan.”

Bauhaus Garage Design

Have you seen Bauhaus’s design? Another retro style but minimalist with basic pops of primary colors, and it has a space that makes you look and feel competent. If you like this style, use the following ideas:

Primary Colors And Tan

Bauhaus style only uses primary colors, which are blue, red, yellow, (sometimes green), and both tan and black. You can use them on your shapes scored on your concrete garage epoxy flooring other than vertical surfaces.

"Tri-Colored Storage" Look

You can use the primary pop of colors for each cabinet door or drawer, and it can be an accessible designation name for each compartment, making your workflow smoother.

You can use opaque or translucent cabinet doors, baskets, or containers. Circles and basic polygons, from triangles to four-sided shelves and racks, also fit Bauhaus.

bauhaus design garage

Bohemian Garage Design

If you like bohemian or Gypsy Chic style but aren’t sure if it would work in a garage, think again! You can design your workstation to look like this using the following methods:

Warm And Tropical Color Scheme

This scheme is primarily neutral and warm colors with vibrant patterns to add contrast. Those accents are often red, maroon, brown, orange, and yellow, as well as their complementaries,
like blue, teal, and green.

"Woods and Weaves Storage" Look

You can make cabinets, tables, and racks out of natural materials like wood. And also use weaves and Moroccan patterns on rugs, baskets, containers, and upholstery.

No Longer Messy

Whether you’re a novice designer, a DIY pro, or a craftsman who loves to work in garages, you should know that design can be summed up in three ways: color, shapes, and layout. You can rebrand a messy old garage into an inspiring work area using epoxy floor coatings and other accessible materials in the market.

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