5 Must-Have Concrete Patio Accessories

The patio is an outdoor space that aims to give homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave home. Because it is designed to induce enjoyment, it must be gorgeous and comfortable enough to enhance positive vibes. Why settle for a plain patio area when it can be so much more with just the addition of the following concrete patio accessories:

1. Furniture

In the past, wooden benches and iron garden chairs used to be the trend when it comes to outdoor furniture. Today, homeowners have begun to regard the patio more of an extended living space than a separate outdoor area. Because of this, furniture choice has also upgraded. You will now see concrete patio designs with a complete set of seating elements on patios, complete with cushions and throw pillows. Regardless of what you prefer, it is important that it is as comfortable as it can be to help optimize outdoor enjoyment.


2. Fire Features

Fire is such an interesting and versatile element. It can be a source of heat and a source of light at the same time. Adding a fire feature in the patio enhances its purpose. Not only will it be a place to hang out during the day, it can also be a place for enjoyment in the evening. Fireplaces are ideal for wide patios because the structure alone would require a lot of space. A concrete patio with fire pit is ideal for smaller, more toned down outdoor spaces. The fire pit can either be installed permanently or the portable type you can move around the patio.

3. Shade

Although a patio is located outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to always be exposed to the sun when you’re out there. Adding a shaded area will give family and friends the option to bask under the sun or stay cool under the shade. It does not even have to be something as permanent as a roof. You can have a large umbrella, a wide fabric hanging over the patio, or a trellis-like structure with decorative vines.

4. Greenery

Adding plants is always a good idea for wooden, stone, and even stamped concrete patios, to name a few. It connects the patio with nature, which can make the space more relaxing and refreshing. You can choose to have flowering plants or an herb garden for added color and purpose. If you are the busy type, choose vegetation that require minimal care and maintenance.

5. Lighting

Lighting elements are necessary because it provides illumination, security, and safety in the evening. It can be light posts, sconces on the exterior walls, or little pen lights along the stairway going to and from the patio. Whichever type of light you wish to install, opt for LED lighting. It may be a huge addition to the total concrete patio cost, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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