5 Unique Ideas for Your Front Yard

As the saying goes, “Don’t just win, make a lasting impression.” This is true in most things, like the front yard. The front yard is the first thing anyone will notice about a property. As one approaches the door of a house, the front yard sets the initial impression about both the property and the owner. Now you wouldn’t want to be defined as unpleasant, boring, or ugly, would you? A professional concrete contractor in Orange County can help give your front yard a makeover. Out of unique ideas? Here are some you may find helpful:


1. A Long and Winding Walkway

Straight walkways can be quite boring, unless it’s really short. But for long ones that extend to the garage flooring in Orange County properties, it would be nice to make it more interesting. How? By incorporating some curves or swerves. It may make the travel time longer but it would surely be one exciting journey.

2. Archway to Heaven

An archway is often found in gardens but why not incorporate one on your front yard? It can be built on the walkway leading to the front door or on a concrete driveway entrance. It can be made of wood, wrought iron, or concrete, whichever you prefer and fits your budget the most.

3. The Right (Stone) Path

A stone path is a popular addition to any front yard. However, instead of using real stone, which could be quite expensive, why not use a stamped concrete path? With the right stamp pattern and concrete stain colors, it can be made to look like real natural stones, at a more affordable cost.

4. A Burst of Color

Color can be added to a front yard in many different ways. One is by adding flowering plants that produce vibrantly colored blooms. Another is by an acid staining service on a concrete pathway, walkway, or driveway. Acid stains come in earthy hues like browns, reds, tans, and more.

5. Contemporary Cinder Blocks

If you are more of the modern type, a cinder block pathway or walkway would be a cool, geometric addition to the front yard. Concrete sealing can be done on each cinder block to make it look more attractive and to protect it from damage. Cinder blocks come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs.

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