Addressing Small Leaks In Swimming Pools Before They Become Bigger Problems

A swimming pool leak is a sure sign something is wrong. Our previous blogs teach you to address pool deck cracks, which cause water leaks on the surfaces.

These are warning signs to call on professional swimming pool maintenance. That is for you to rescue the pool materials. 

But sometimes, you must look for an easy-fix-it solution to stop the pool leaks ASAP. That’s what you will learn in this blog, so read until the end. 

We will not let you become a drip for minor repairs on your swimming pools and pool decks. Stop the small leaks from escaping your backyard pools and rescue your property value from going down the drain.

man repairing swimming pool concrete crack

Easy Fix-it Solutions To Stop Small Drips From Your Pools

The only way to make repairs easy is to address mini muddles, such as dripping water from pool pipes or filter systems. It is as simple as applying pool deck coating when cracks appear.

Heed these following tips to guide you on what to do:

1- Don't Be A Drip: Identify Small Leaks ASAP

Let us dive right into the best tip when addressing surface-level swimming pool issues.
Don’t be a drip and swag your way to fixing what seem to be minor flaws. Face them head-on to prevent early signs of damage from becoming worse.

Easy fix-it solutions will not meet their course without you realizing the importance of early prevention. Once you notice dripping pipes or pool water forming on a pool deck’s surface, pay close attention.

Identify where these drips of water are coming from. That leads us to the next tip.

2- Locate the Source of Drips and Replace or Repair

You may have a swimming pool at home or a pool-house business like a resort. Wherever your swimming pools are, there will be drips of water that escape from a pipe or a filter system.

Sometimes water may also leak from cracked concrete surfaces or pool coping. All these said, it is crucial that you locate where they are.

In addition, you must identify what type of leaks you got because it’s possible that you have multiple damages on the swimming pool.

Take note that if you have commercial swimming pools, you must look at and locate two or more root causes. Pool experts from Commercial Pool deck Orange County, CA, can identify narrow cracks that can cause leaks. Meanwhile, local pool contractors specializing in repairing broken and leaking pipes, pumps, and other systems can replace broken pool-parts for you.

3- Get An Expert's Opinion Even For Minor Problems

When addressing a small issue, you must get an expert’s opinion. Hiring someone who will check and assess tiny drips of water escaping from your outdoor concrete surfaces and other exterior parts shouldn’t drain your bank.

You can rely on Orange County’s expert pool decking team to give free assessments of your backyard pool area.

They will give you no obligation to exert’s advice on what to do. They will lead you to the right solution. If you can do an easy DIY fix to a small dripping pipe or a tiny thin-leaking overlay crack, they will advise you on the right product or treatment.

Catch Leaks Before they Escape

Water that escapes and drips on the pool decks can cause immense damage to the concrete surfaces and pool overlays. Soon they will require professional repair if left unattended. Fingers-cross that these won’t occur.

While large pool decking cracks can be fixed with the help of residential and commercial pool deck Orange County, CA contractors, small pool problems can save you a day.
Catch where these leaks are and catch where they might lead to bigger problems, like a decaying concrete pool deck or an eroding concrete pool surface.

Addressing minor issues will save you years of expenses for pool resurfacing, repairs, and replacing valuable parts. So don’t be a drip and take these tips at home and in your business pool areas.

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