7 Important Autumn Pool Maintenance Tips

Your pool area didn’t just grow out of your backyard. It took a great amount of time and money to have a swimming pool and deck. It is important to take care of your investments. Proper maintenance will not only keep your investment in good working conditions, but it will also help prevent more costly repairs in the future.

To help you get started, here are ten essential pool maintenance tips that concrete pros recommend.

1. Balance the Pool Water

The pool water’s pH level needs to be balanced at all times. The right level would be somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6. To determine your pool’s, you can either call an expert to check or bring a sample to a local pool expert for testing.


Appropriate treatment will be recommended to help balance the level.

2. Clean the Water and Pool Decking

When you clean the pool, don’t just take out the floating leaves or branches. You have to brush the walls and pool decking as well. Check the lint basket and make sure that it is emptied regularly.

Address anything that would require a concrete repair before it gets worse. A pool deck resurfacing is highly recommended as an affordable but effective repair method.

3. Check the Pool Filter

The filter needs to be checked and cleaned regularly. Any debris or oil deposit could harden and stay stuck as temperatures drop. It would then be harder to clean when summer comes.

4. Consider a Shock Treatment

Do not be afraid to use a shock treatment. This is best done throughout the cool season. Just make sure that once you add the treatment to the pool, you run the pump and filter for several hours to help disperse the treatment throughout the entire pool.

5. Keep Algae Away

Chlorine is an effective way to minimize algae. The addition of an algaecide will help prolong and enhance chlorine’s effectiveness. Also, remove any debris from the pool that could enhance the growth of algae during seasons when the pool is not in use.

6. Check Chlorine Level

The constant level of chlorine should be 2 to 3 parts per million (PPM) during the winter season. However, if you have a salt chlorinator and pool blanket, the chlorine level should only be 1 to 2 PPM.

7. Put the Pool Cover

A pool cover can efficiently keep water in and debris out. Just make sure that the pool cover is durable enough to last through winter. Also, it has to be secure and safe enough especially in homes with kids and pets.

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