Coolest Concrete Basement Resurfacing Ideas

Turning your attention to the basement mostly happens only when you need a creepy cellar setting for Halloween. Not anymore! There are now dozens of ways for you to brighten up the basement with epoxy floor coatings. Spruce up that space hiding down the stairs.

Get a new set of skills and be inspired by fresh ideas for renovating your basement here in today’s blog!

1- Wine Lounge

Conventional wine cellars find their common set-up among basements. It is a choice since the underground space is vacuous and normally cold. Thanks to the concrete floors and walls enclosing the area. It’s perfect for preserving your dad’s collection of luxury liquors.

You can create a more contemporary version of this idea. The wine cellar is outdated, so upgrade it into a wine lounge or bar. Now you can enjoy a home-based lounging bar. 

Mimic the eccentric lounging bars from the business district. You can match a neon light accent to illuminate the basement with metallic epoxy floors. The basement is a perfect setting for this leisure. Play loud lounge music without disturbing the folks at home.

2- Underground Game Room

Now you can unite your co-gamers with this cool set-up of an underground game room. There’s no limit to your options. Add excitement to the games you could play in this isolated space beneath your homes. 

A bowling corner is perfect here. You can let the pins fall without making a sound upstairs. Or, set up a pool table, or other table sports that you can fit in. Enhance this space with chipped or flaked floors. The added solid materials make the surface resistant to cracks, dents, and stains. 

3- Home Recording Studio

Isolate more sounds to this underground room. If you are a music lover, here is something for you. Basement floorings are excellent spaces to create sound-reflecting, anti-static floors. You can move your bedroom studio here. Sound-mixing consoles, mic stands, amps, and your music editing apps and computers will find a safe space in their new studio.

Before that, resurface the ground with an anti-static epoxy system. This flooring application is what electronic spaces use to avoid electrocution when wires and currents hit the floors. Amazing, huh?

4- Artist Studio

Here is a 360-degree turn for your basements. Create a total contrast to that creepy cob-webbed cellar by stripping down the walls and floors with white surfaces. 

This is a cool and fresh way to start your year. Be inspired by this artist-approved basement design. Start remodeling the concrete floors with white coatings. A clean, spotless white floor will surprisingly trigger your creative side. 

Either you opt for an epoxy coating or a rustic whitewashed stained concrete floor. When you choose to consider the time and schedule, if you want tan epoxy flooring, ensure enough humidity to cure the material. 

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The basement becomes the typical storage for old stuff and unused, forgotten items at home. Cobwebs and spiders are the only decor hanging on the walls. Crawling cockroaches or dead and splattered insects marked the concrete ground. No wonder most basements are creepy. But now, basements can be the coolest man-cave that you always want to be, innovate the floors. From there, let your imagination and creativity crawl and start a basement revamp right away. Want to know more? check our next blog on floor crack repair.

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