Colored Concrete: Bring Out the Best in Concrete

One of the most notable differences of decorative concrete from plain concrete is the difference in its color. Decorative concrete can be made to replicate almost any type of surface and can assume any design, texture, and pattern. When it comes to color, colored concrete is one of the best ways to banish the industrial look of a plain gray surface. Not only is it effective in enhancing the look of the floor, it is also an affordable option, thus, making it one of the most popular types of floor enhancements since the 1950s.

Ways of Coloring Concrete

Coloring concrete floors vary in product type and the method of application used. Depending on the result you want to achieve, it pays to learn more about each type and what is most ideal to acquire colored concrete patios, driveways, interior floors, or whatever concrete surface you want to upgrade. Here is an overview of the most common methods:

  • Stained Concrete – This involves the use of an acid-stain or a water-based stain, depending on the preferred results. It penetrates the concrete surface, thus, giving it a permanent color with great visual appeal.
  • Concrete Dyes – These come in a variety colors and results are more vibrant. It is not UV stable, however, thus, limiting its use for interior surfaces only.
  • Tinted Concrete Sealer – Like paint, tinted sealers are applied on top of concrete to give it semi-transparent colored effects. This may wear out in time so a reapplication is necessary.
  • Concrete Integral Pigment – This is a powdered pigment mixed with concrete, therefore, color is incorporated on the whole concrete layer. Results are random depending on the ratio of pigment and concrete used and the mineral content of the concrete.
  • Colored Dry-Shake Hardener – Like pigment, this is also powder-based. However, instead of mixing it with concrete, it is broadcasted onto the top layer.

Benefits of Stained Concrete

Concrete floor staining is one of the most recommended methods for coloring both interior and exterior surfaces, and for a lot of good reasons:

  • It penetrates the concrete surface making it a longer-lasting coloring option than other methods.
  • Application is fast and easy.
  • There is a wide selection of colors and designs.
  • Quite affordable because it can be applied on existing concrete.

Top Quality Colored Concrete Staining

It is important to choose only high quality staining concrete services in the Orange County, CA area for your project. There are two types to choose from and you need to understand their differences in order to choose the one that gives results well suited to your needs:

  1. Acid Stain – This is an acid based concrete stain, mostly muriatic, that reacts with the mineral content of concrete. This reaction produces a random color effect that leans more on earthly tones.
  2. Water Based Stain – This water based stain for concrete produces more pronounced and more consistent colors because it does not react with the concrete. It can be customized in a variety of color combinations.
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