5 Unique Flooring Ideas For a Modern Bathroom

Are you looking to add unique and interesting design elements to your home but do not know where to start? It can often be overwhelming to think about how to make a big space interesting and forward-thinking, especially for first-time homeowners. That’s why we love decorating our bathrooms. [...]

Pool Fence Ideas for Your Outdoor Pool

Installing a swimming pool can sometimes be the start of an endless journey of decorating, designing, adding, and improving your pool as the highlight of your home’s outdoor space. But a must for any swimming pool, whether or not it is state-ordained, is a swimming pool fence to surround [...]

How to Incorporate Fall Colors Into Your Home This Season

Fall is now officially upon us. Goodbye bright colors and hot weather from the summer, hello perfectly warm golden tones. But if you’ve had some difficulty finding the right inspiration for fall, your home decor might be playing a part in that. Replacing the summer with a new season [...]

The Best Concrete Stain Designs for Your Basement

No matter what you use your basement for, it is always a plus to consider new and more attractive flooring for it. So what do you want from your basement flooring? Ideally, something affordable and easy to maintain. Basement flooring should also be durable and should last a while [...]

5 Ways to Make a Garage a More Livable Space

There is more than one way to use a garage. It was invented as a way to safely keep your car, but if your family does not own a car or if you’ve been blessed with a large garage that can do with more decoration, then why not make [...]

Is A Metallic Epoxy Floor Right For Your Garage?

We’re sure you’ve heard of epoxy flooring. We’re also sure that if you read our blog, you know its benefits as a garage flooring material. But there’s a new kind of epoxy going around that we want to talk about: metallic epoxy. And no, we don’t mean actual metal [...]