5 Modern Concrete Stain Ideas for Business Spaces

More and more commercial spaces are turning to using stained concrete floors, and with good reason. They look modern and minimalist, and when done right, concrete stains can look bright, sleek, and can transform any space into a perfect business place. Here are some ideas for achieving the look [...]

3 Elements of a Sustainable and Stylish Outdoor Space

Sustainable is all the rage nowadays, as it should be. People are aware of the effects of climate change with the emergence of troubling news and reports of the earth’s depleting resources and continuous destruction. With that being said, more and more people are making conscious efforts to live [...]

Your Concrete Resurfacing Questions, Answered

If you have a concrete patio, driveway, garage or pool deck that needs remodeling, this decorative concrete is the best way to start. Concrete resurfacing is the ideal option for renewing worn-out concrete spaces. Commercial and residential establishments gain substantially from the multitude of benefits that concrete resurfacing offers. [...]