Decorative Concrete Classic Designs For That Timeless Appeal

You can never go wrong with classic designs. And they boast class and grandeur, regardless of wherever you install them. And today’s piece is all about having classic designs and patterns for decorative concrete. We will also tackle the various methods to achieve an effect, such as decorative concrete resurfacing. Let’s get rolling.

Explaining What Decorative Concrete Is

Decorative concrete is a means of utilizing ordinary concrete as a means to construct a well-functioning flooring system. In addition to this, it is also one method to create an aesthetic enhancement to any given setting or structure. Residential and commercial owners nowadays see decorative concrete as one of the best options for flooring. As it functions well, lasts longer than other alternatives, and gives you the liberty to choose a pattern or design. 

Classic Decorative Concrete Designs And Patterns

There are many ways to achieve that classy decorative concrete finish. However, this aspect will depend on the materials workers will apply during the process of pouring or after the concrete curing procedure. 

Concrete Resurfacing/Concrete Rejuvenation

Decorative concrete resurfacing is one of the guaranteed ways to transform your concrete into something classic and stylish. There is almost no limit to the available classic patterns and motifs you can choose with concrete resurfacing or stamped concrete rejuvenation. And some of them include the following.

  • Herringbone – This design is a must for fancy and classic texture lovers.
  • Cobblestone – The cobblestone finish gives your property a stylish and yet simplistic appeal.
  • Regal tile – Regal tile can give your setting that retro finish.
  • Block header – Block header is a popular choice among many commercial space owners.
  • Convict brick – Give your pool decks and spaces that splashy vibe with this one-of-a-kind result. Convict brick enhances the mood in such settings.

Concrete Overlaying

It is difficult to see and walk on pathways and halls that are not kept and unsafe. Another way to turn things around is the process of concrete overlay. The method seeks to transform old and damaged concrete into something that looks brand-new and high-quality. You can still apply it for that classic look you have always wanted. Some of the standard patterns you can achieve with this procedure are on the list below.

  • Star Rosette – This one is ideal for patios and pathways.
  • Diamond – The diamond is a classic choice for pool decks and halls.
  • Cobble Rosette – Cobble Rosette is a pioneer for outdoor settings and property entryways.

Stained Concrete

stamped concrete pool deck

Stained concrete can either be water-based or acid-based. And when you think about aesthetics, classic and simplistic does not even begin to describe it. And it leaves your surface with a transformation that no other alternative can replicate. The sky is the limit when it comes to picking the motif or arrangement. The best part is that you can even mimic other elements, such as the following.

  • Wood – Stained concrete can copy how natural wood looks without installing or having the real thing at all. It creates a time-honored look without sacrificing efficiency and durability.
  • Stone – You can install stained concrete to mimic stone as well. And you can pick any type of stone you want to see. From slate to obsidian, nothing is impossible for stained concrete.

A Concrete Conclusion

These means will guarantee that timeless and classic allure, no matter what type of finish you decide to install in your property. You can work without the aid of a local concrete contracting enterprise. And total control of the entire project is in your hands, budget-wise and time-wise. But if things get messy and you feel like you can’t do it, there is always the alternative to hiring one. Paying them for their services will reduce the risks and mistakes you might end up with without proper handling and installation. And they can guarantee that your concrete will be as beautiful as it can get.

Interested in reading more about flooring and coatings? We have our next blog coming up about the functionality & aesthetics decorative concrete brings. Go ahead and check it out!

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