Classic Concrete Driveway Designs

The classic look is an indispensable feature of your concrete driveway Orange County. Choosing the perfect design for an outdoor area is challenging, especially for a driveway. 

It’s often used to park the car, for driving in and out of the property. As soon as it is done with that purpose, the concrete outdoor space is left unseen and untidy.

concrete driveway with lawn

Today’s piece would help homeowners and business owners consider designing the driveways to maintain the property’s curb appeal. The design trend to put all eyes on is the classic design.

What is a Classic Concrete Driveway?

Suppose you see stamp concrete driveway, stencilled patterns or a plain polished surface that is your typical driveway look. The mentioned design ideas are bearers of the classic look. So what makes a design and driveway appeal look classic?

When you say classic style, it will remind you of ancient Greek or Roman. One word that would summarize the classic style is intricate. 

Many would probably think of elaborate or grotesque. Although accurate, what makes the classic themes and design timeless and persisting in modern times is how refined, detailed and stable the forms are. It is probably because of the amount of time, effort, and skills poured into the classic works in the past. 

Translate all these facts onto the design of your concrete driveway, and you got a classic, timeless curb appeal. 

How to achieve the classic driveway design

The concrete floor is the best outdoor application for the driveway, namely, stamped concrete, concrete overlays, and even the stained application. Other concrete floorings best used for the main entryway are pavers stones, interlocking pavers, and asphalt.

Here is to make a distinction between each of them.

Slate Stamped Concrete Driveway Design

A concrete stamping method is a classic approach to decorating an outdoor floor. The slate-cut stone patterns are the perfect style to make the classic look of your private roads. 

You probably know that concrete stamping mimics the style and appearance of other flooring materials.

For the classic look, the ashlar slate or the bluestone design is the one that would emphasize the classic greek style in our home’s entryways.

This is also going to be an excellent choice for commercial facades. The driveways to a public space like a hotel or mini resort would carry this perfectly.

stamped concrete design

Paver Stones

The paver stones and interlocking pavers are a classic choice for driveways. These are typical driveway floor materials, and a homestead vibe would be the perfect design concept when using pavers.


Asphalt is cheaper than concrete and pavers. However, the reason that it’s cheap is that it would be more suitable for massive spaces like public roads. Those who use asphalt for driveways would be commercial spaces like malls, hotels, schools or health institutions. 

However, the simple and monolith look of the asphalt makes it an easy choice making it a classic option for traditional driveway floors.

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