Enhancing the Walking Experience with Colored Concrete

Concrete, although known as a gray-colored base material, actually dries in varied hues of gray and brown. There are some people who love the utilitarian look but there are those who spend a fortune trying to cover it up with tile, stone, linoleum, carpet, and whatever material you could think of. Nowadays, there is no need to endure the raw look of a concrete surface if you do not find it favorable. Colored concrete is an option that involves the addition of a coloring agent to the slab, enhancing its look significantly.

The Perks that Comes with Colored Concrete

It is more practical to color concrete rather than top it off with expensive and hard-to-install materials. Other than being a practical decorative concrete option, here are other benefits you must know about:

Numerous Color Options – Coloring agents come in a wide range of colors, from pastels to earthy tones. Property owners would definitely find something that they want or something that would match the current theme in their home or commercial space. Colors can be mixed to produce more interesting hues.

Enhances Nature Replication – A stamped concrete overlay is known to be able to replicate natural stone. However, the mimicry will not be complete until the overlay is colored. Homeowners can choose the colors for stamped concrete patios, pool decks, and driveways to make the natural stone pattern look realistic.

Covers Up Ugly Stains and Discoloration – The addition of colors helps disguise stubborn stains and the inevitable discoloration of old concrete. Why exhaust yourself trying to scrub out that stain when you can cover it up with color and enhance the look of the surface at the same time?

Top Colored Concrete Options

There are many ways to color concrete surfaces. The most popular is Stained Concrete. It is a type of concrete refinishing solution that can be used on its own or as an additional enhancement to overlays and coatings. Stains come in two kinds:

Acid Stain

This is a popular choice because of the random effects and color tones that it produces. The metallic salt content of the stain creates chemical reactions when it comes in contact with lime and minerals in the slab.
The result is amazing, almost like natural stone, marble, or even leather.

Water-based Stain

This produces more consistent colors because it is a non-reactive stain. This is great to use when you want a specific pattern or replicating an image that needs the exact colors to show.

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Nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than a colored concrete driveway, patio, and more. Concrete Coating Specialists appreciate the benefits of color so we make sure that it is something we can share with you, too. Our team of installers specializes in stained concrete for both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces in the Orange County, CA area. Want to know if the color you want is available? Call us today for a free consultation and quote.


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