3 Concrete Applications Ideal for Interior Floors

Concrete has been around for ages. Although it was not on the frontline, it was a darn great base material. Nowadays, the spotlight is on concrete. Several concrete floor coatings and overlays have been developed to work with it. The purpose, of course, is to protect concrete from damage, being a highly porous material and all. So what are the best concrete applications for interior floors?

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Concrete Stains

Stains are not just for wood anymore. There are those made especially for concrete surfaces. One of the most popular is Stains are not just for wood anymore. There are those made especially for concrete surfaces. One of the most popular is Acid Stain. This is a reactive solution that, when applied on a concrete floor, penetrates deep within the slab. The acids in the stain create a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with the natural lime found in concrete. The effect is a mottled, marbled pattern on the floor. The floor would often look like an antique leather or a natural stone slab. Stains can also be used on concrete countertops.

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Epoxy Coating

Garage floors in Orange County, and just about anywhere, are often stained with grease and oil. Some even have cracks and holes from an impact. There are many garage flooring options out there. One of the most popular is painting garage floor surfaces. However, paint has a tendency to peel and fade. So if you want something durable and long-lasting, then go for epoxy floors. A coating of epoxy is enough to create a surface that’s tough as nails. It is resistant to impact, abrasion, scratches, and more. It can also be used on countertops and in other floors inside a residential or commercial property. Just make sure to use this in interior floors only as it can discolor when exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

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Stamped Overlays

You’ve probably seen design magazines showcasing stamped patios, pool decks, and other outdoor surfaces. But stamped overlays can also be used indoors. Homeowners want rock solid floors but options can be quite pricey. Stamped concrete is an affordable option because it can be made to look like any type of tile, brick, stone, or any type of expensive flooring out there. You can have a kitchen floor stamped with a slate pattern or a hallway with a stamped hardwood design. Just make sure to choose patterns and designs that are friendly on bare feet so loved ones can walk around barefoot comfortably.

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