Hiring a decorative concrete contractor in Orange County is easy. However, it is not every day that homeowners seek concrete services so it can be quite daunting to find one when one is needed. Although easy, finding the right one in a sea of pros in the area is like finding a needle in a haystack. Here are some tips that can help make the search easy and pain-free:

List Down Project Details

Before looking for a driveway or pool decking contractor, it is important for a homeowner to know exactly what they want to be done. Create a list so that not a single detail will be left out when discussing with a potential contractor. It does not even have to be very technical. The list can include things like the area that needs repair, desired design or color, and the budget range.



Browse Several Companies

Homeowners should not set their eyes on one single company unless they have proven time and again that they can deliver. Call each and every one of the companies about the project. Have them provide you a proposed solution and bid. It will also help to check reviews online, such as on the BBB website.



Check License and Credentials

concrete contractor orange countyMake sure that the company is licensed to operate in Orange County. This can be checked in local trade records. Ask for additional credentials as well, such as certifications that their team has been trained. Homeowners can also check the BBB website for accredited concrete contractors in the area.

Ask Important Questions

  • What will contractors do during unpleasant weather?
  • How long will the project take to complete?
  • What processes are involved and how will they be done?
  • What needs to be moved, relocated, or removed from the property?
  • How many people are going to work on the project?
  • How long has each one on their team been in the business?

 Visit Recent Projects

concrete contractor orange countyCompleted projects say a lot about a contractor. Ask for previous projects they have handled. But don’t just accept photographs. Ask for the addresses and visit or drive by the property. If a homeowner can ask permission from owners to be able to check out resurfaced or repaired surface in their property, all the better.



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