5 Tips for Sealing Concrete Floors

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Concrete sealers are highly recommended for concrete floors because it adds a layer of protection against the harsh effects of the weather, grease and oil, abrasion, and more. Aside from its protective properties, sealing concrete also enhances the look and shine of its surface. However, if not applied properly, it may not function as it’s supposed to. Concrete sealing in Orange County CA services are being offered by contractors to help protect any concrete treatment applied on both new and resurfaced concrete slabs. Here are great tips to consider for a professional or a DIY concrete sealant application.

Prepare the Surface First

This is very important for any type of concrete repair, resurfacing, or sealing process. The floor must be free from dirt, dust, oil, and grease prior to applying a concrete sealer. If not, the sealer may not adhere properly.

Use the Right Cement Sealer Tool

Applying the sealer using the right tool makes the thickness and coverage accurate. The traditional methods of application are by spraying or rolling. It is highly recommended to refer to the concrete floor sealer manufacturer or a professional sealing contractor for guidelines on the proper application tool.

Apply the Sealer Properly

The typical coverage rate of rolling or spraying a sealer is 250 to 300 square feet per gallon. The actual rate depends on how porous the concrete is. If you are unsure about how to seal concrete, have a professional do it for you. The important thing here is that it is better to apply two thin coats than one thick layer. The first layer should be left to dry for about 2 to 4 hours before the second coat is applied. The second coat must be rolled or sprayed in the opposite direction of that of the first coat to make sure that there will be no spots missed.

Timing is Everything

It is also important to apply the sealer at the right time. For newly installed concrete, the cement must be completely cured and dried before a sealer can be applied. This usually takes 28 days. It would be shorter for floors that have undergone concrete crack repairs or resurfacing. Make sure that the temperature during and after application would be above 50°F. Also, allow three days for a concrete driveway sealer to set in before exposing the surface to vehicle traffic.

Choose the Best Concrete Sealer

There is a wide range of concrete sealers Orange County CA options out there but make sure to choose the right one appropriate for the surface you are going to seal. When purchasing one or hiring a contractor to do it for you, it is important to mention of the surface that will be sealed have undergone any process prior to sealing, such as a concrete driveway repair or an application of a concrete crack filler. This way, the right product would be selected or purchased. Also, be it water-based or solvent type, try to choose an environment-friendly product to ensure the safety of the people and plants around the concrete floor being sealed.

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