Economical Concrete Overlays for Expensive-Looking Concrete Spaces

When your concrete surfaces don’t make you happy anymore, it might be time to renew or rejuvenate it. If you are a bit worried about the costs involved, there is always decorative concrete. Since you don’t have to remove the old slabs, costs are kept to a minimum. Resurfacing concrete in Orange County is the process of installing a thin layer of new material over an existing slab. It gives it a new look and improves its function at the same time.

Decorative Concrete Overlays to Choose From

In the past, the only solution to concrete damage is to replace the old slabs. Effective? Yes, but very, very expensive and time-consuming. The best way to go is resurfacing with overlays. It delivers top quality aesthetics and performance at a more comfortable cost.


Stamped Concrete Overlay

If you have always wanted a stone patio, a concrete stamped overlay is the best option for you.
It offers a wide range of patterns to choose from and each pattern can be further enhanced with a manual stained concrete application.

Spray Knockdown Texture

If you are familiar with stucco, then this concrete overlay pool deck would strike a similar chord.
The significant difference is that a spray-down coating has a more subtle texture to make it easier to walk on, especially when installing on pool decks.

Epoxy Flooring

This two-part material is one of the most popular materials when it comes to toughness and durability.
A thin layer of epoxy coatings on a concrete garage floor is enough to keep it protected against any type of damage.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating

This is a fast-drying alternative to epoxy. One reason why residential and commercial property owners want this industrial product is that it is extremely durable, highly decorative, and fast-drying, requiring only a day to install.

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Concrete Coating Specialists is a leading Orange County decorative concrete resurfacing installer that specializes in concrete surface repair with concrete overlays. We have experience working on various surfaces like patios, pool decks, driveways, interior floors, garage flooring, and more. We have made it our commitment to help improve your properties at a cost that’s reasonable enough for you.
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Ready to resurface your pool deck to say goodbye to cracks, stains, and a dangerously smooth surface? We serve the greater Orange County area with cost-effective pool deck resurfacing options. We offer everything from microtopping and coatings to concrete overlays to completely revamp your aging pool deck.
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