Concrete Patio Ideas for Small Backyards

Patios are usually decorated structures by a home’s exterior. Stylish architectural stones embellish around this chill spot. There are several ways to create a stunning concrete construct in your backyard and garden. A concrete patio Orange County-inspired design or an Italian loggia adaptation looks exquisite. They are perfect for your Southern and Upper Eastside homes.



Concrete is durable material so having this in your outdoor spaces is an exact match. It can withstand weathering and extreme heat, and constant exposure to rain.


Patios, unlike your indoor spaces, can have natural stone material merged on the nature scenes outside. There are more designs and styles you can experiment with. 


Here are 3 latest and unique trends for concrete patios in your small backyard.

stamped concrete patio

1. Italian inspired

concrete-patio-with-columnsA traditional Italian porch inspired backyard and front yard, the loggia is built around with brick, stone, or marble columns. Usually, architectural designers use this for the porch. A porch is an outdoor extension of an interior in front of a house. 

Has this inspired your patios? Decorative concrete comes in natural stone designs and patterns that mimic marbles and bricks. Have a professional designer incorporate everything into this vision. Translate that outdoor space into an old-world inspired mini paradise.

2. Vertical Gardens

hanging-plants-for-concrete-patioOf course, vertical gardens – the most efficient, trending, and easy DIY decor. It can fit indoor and outdoor. Home improvement teams and designers have already applied this concept for a long time.

Since early 2000,’ green living and green architecture have been launched. Under this concept is the vertical plotting of plants. The accent of green and earthy decorated pots matches the concrete steps. It also suits the stamps on your outdoor floors.

Minimalists and naturalists integrate into this one of a kind design. For the outdoors, recycling wood planks becomes an act of saving Mother Nature. The logs turned into plant holders, which create a unique “green” inspired scene.

Here are some easy and less expensive vertical garden structures you can do:

  • Vertical walls. Wooden walls adorn with plant pots make a space saver accent in your yard. Set this to enclose an outdoor sofa where you can relax and chill.
  • Orchid Stands and Frames. Using fern and moss to hang orchids brings a refreshing earthy vibe around the patio. Orchids are simply stunning flower species. Hang them simply, and it enhances a yard’s look.
  • Hanging plant frames. One efficient, innovative idea to plant in pots is through hanging shelves. Square shaped pots tied vertically and rode around on pegs or tree branches is a cool trend. It’s a very modern and contemporary idea that vertical gardening has taught many.

You can have DIY plant frames. This is a project a house mom and dad can do with their family.

3- Bohemian Inspired Nooks

bohemian-patioCoffee or tea under a bohemian-inspired nook makes a cozy reading area in your backyard. Boho decors are accessible and can be recycled materials. These can be oddly shaped planks that wander around your garden. Ornamentals with exotic look like orchids or other plants with different pigments.

Set this up in your patio with cushions and wooden steps and carpets for sitting down. The colors theme that suits an outdoor scene is a marriage of turquoise and tangerine. These are elements that can accent the concrete materials around the patio.

In this contemporary time, homes need a comfortable space that inspires creativity and innovation. Use materials that can be easily found in and out of your homes. You don’t need expensive products to create a stunning, healthy living space. For more blogs, feel free to check out our homepage on Decorative Concrete to know more or check out our blog on our top five flooring ideas for a modern bathroom.
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