5 Concrete Patio Ideas

One of the perks of having a concrete patio in Orange County CA is that people get to fully take advantage of it because of the great weather. There have been many fancy materials used for patios but concrete still remains to be a favorite. Why? Because it stays cool and it is a lot versatile than most other materials. This gives homeowners and patio designers alike numerous opportunities to create a concrete patio that reflects tasteful styles and practical features. Here are some ideas to turn concrete patios into backyard havens:

Decorative Concrete

Just because it is concrete, does not mean one has to endure the plain, gray surface that it is often perceived to have. When it comes to flooring materials, concrete is the most versatile. One of the most popular ideas is a stamped concrete patio. The reason why stamped concrete patios have become such favorites is because it is an economical upgrade to an existing floor, it is durable, and there are numerous patterns to choose from. The stamped concrete patio cost may not be as affordable as a plain floor, but it is definitely less than that of natural stone, pavers, brick, or any other more expensive decorative material.

Sunrooms & Covers

While a lot of Southern Californians enjoy the year-round sunshine, there are those who want to stay under the shade sometimes. A sunroom or a patio cover is a good idea. This provides enough shade without having to make people feel like they are inside the house. These can be solid walls, roofs, and posts, or it could just be a simple cabana-like shaded area for a lower concrete patio cost remodel.

Wooden Furniture

Remember those days when most patio furniture were made of iron? Say goodbye to that trend because wooden furniture is all the rage at present. Iron can become really hot to the touch when exposed under sunshine for several hours. Also, it is not as resistant to weather changes as wood. Wooden chairs and tables would also look really good on a stained concrete patio and it would not cause terrible scratches on the stained surface if moved or adjusted.

Fire Pits

It may be sunny almost all year round but fire pits are great for use in the evenings, either as a source of heat or a source of light. For a DIY concrete patio, it does not even have to be something grand. Some are opting for table fire pits which are small fire pits that are mounted on the table.

Bright Colors

This is probably one of the easiest concrete patio ideas to pull off. You can simply repaint some areas using a bright color or you can just add an ornamental item for a pop of color. This can be furniture cushions, pillows, an outdoor vase or pot, some flowering plants, and more. The popular colors for a concrete patio in Orange County are blues and aquamarines.

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