The Guide in the Cost of Concrete Patio Installation

As a new year begins, you decide to improve several aspects at your home, and your starting point is the patios in the front yard. You worry about how much it would cost you to resurface patios and redesign the outdoor space.

A typical orange county, ca concrete installation patio would have a 10-foot by 10-foot area size. On average, a newly installed level-ground patio would cost around $1,000 to $4,500. 

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Is there any way to modify this cost for you? What if you are working on a budget, but you need to revamp the patios right away for safety?

Hop on today’s blog to guide you on what you need to factor in the cost of installing a patio. 

DIY Patio Installation vs. Hiring a Concrete Pro

contractor installing joint for patio

Common among many homeowners is the desire to find cost-saving solutions for home improvement. 

However, what could help you save cost is knowing the entire scope of the project and allotting necessary budgetary requirements. Don’t just go with the flow. Do not buy cheap materials and cut the professional’s service out of the project. Hence you perform a DIY. Later on, you would see much more damage than double your home improvement cost. 

Here are the essential factors you must consider to calculate all the necessary costs.

Location of the Patio

Location influences your choice of materials. You can choose a versatile and adaptive concrete material, and some patios would have pre existing materials. Instead of throwing them out, you can re-use them and combine them with a suitable material.

Remember, that a humid region would work best with materials that would withstand the warm temperature. You would probably avoid using an epoxy coating to give polished, clear finish and the patio floor.

Concrete Patio Designs

The design you desire plays a significant role in the patio installation cost. Depending on the complexity and simplicity of the design, the price would vary. 

You can pay as low as $500 per 10 square foot patio, complete with labor and materials. 

A complex design may cost you up to $20,000, especially for a more extensive area size patio. 

Estimator by Size

Finally, here is a quick and easy-to-understand summary of the cost of contrite patio installation according to the degree of complexity and other types of materials used. The basis of this cost estimate is per square foot. 

Basic designModerate designIntricate complex designs
$2.99 to $10$10 to $15$15 and above 
The style is plain, polished concrete surface with single coloring usedThe concrete patio design may use a dual-tone of paint, and designs can be more interesting than a basic stampedIntricate patio designs involve customization using multiple color combinations and also with a variety of the material
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