The concrete patio brings in this classic look that is perfect for historic homes and luxury villas. Most of which frequents the posh estates in Los Angeles. As a modern homeowner, you might be thinking of giving your properties a concrete patio Orange County makeover.

If you acquired an OC historic house, you probably have a concrete patio in your front yard. However, its traditional, hard stone look may make you frown a little. That Old world Victorian courtyard look needs a makeover. Why not have yours styled after LA home ala Vanessa Hudgens. See her vast garden and patio in Little De Milles Villa featured in Youtube’s Architectural Digest.

After you watch, why not try redoing your patios. Go ahead start your year-ender project to kickstart the coming year? 

Patio makeover ideas are all ahead!

Make Your Patio Stand Out: New Designs & Ideas for 2022 & Beyond

A typical patio stands at a 2×4 concrete slab. And that is enough space for you to wring out your creative juices. You do not need an acres-wide garden to design a beautiful yard in front of your house.


Design experts are now looking into creating functional spaces that breathe practicality and bring you close to nature. Your patio is the best space for you to apply these concepts. Let’s get going.

1. Functional Space for Family Set-Up

Nowadays, people stay at home to work or have a safe and serene place in the presence of loved ones. An outdoor living room gives a sense of togetherness. So, as your year-ender project, why not bring your focus to the concrete spaces surrounded by the greeneries in your garden or front yard.

Think of this word as “functional.” Create a functional family space along a narrow table made of unfinished wood or bare concrete. Make it look permanent on the patio floor, creating a continuum of space from the floors to the tablespace where you sure could feel like you need to be there and gather the fam for dinner or tea in the afternoons.

A concrete patio designed into a romantic gazebo surrounded with green landscape

2. Color Scheme of the Year

The end of the year is sniffing close at you, and you probably want to check out as early as now the coming color trends. Paint company mogul Benjamin Moore is now hinting at their color of the year for 2022. Want to know what it is going to be? Read on!


The home decor feels and themes are Benjamin Moore’s color palette for the new year. Home improvement warriors are the ones most excited about this. Welcome to your home, the “October Mist” 2022. Set your eyes on subtle sage that compliments the colors that offer calmness. 

Here is a quick list of the color pallette by the world’s leading paint company: 

  • Morning dew
  • Mysterious
  • Hint of Violet 
  • Collector’s Color
  • Pale Moon
  • Quiet Moments
  • Wild Flower 
  • Fernwood green 
  • Natural linen
  • Gloucester sage

How can these color schemes inspire your patio design? Make nature your central theme. Blend the natural colors with subtle shades of your favorite colors. 


Turn your green couch into an October Mist-colored lounging sofa. Add on outdoor pillows that will lure you into “Quiet Moments.” 

Play with the palette listed for you above, and enjoy your peaceful patios.

3. COVID Adaptive

There is a good takeaway from our experience from the 2021’s pandemic. People begin to look at space differently. Social distancing inspires interior and exterior styles in the way a property or a room is designed. 


You can now definitely have ample space to provide each piece of furniture on the patio. A meter gap between summer chairs and the round table creates a sense of safe distance. Even if the world is now healing, you can take away that idea and continue to allot spaces into the lounging set up in your outdoor living rooms.

You may leave the concrete slab on the patio floor empty to breathe. Style it with oceanic concrete stain or coloring, then set up the chairs around its edge with distance for each.

For more ideas for your concrete patios, you can contact your local concrete contractor for a free quote. They will provide you with the quotation you need as well as ideas that would fit your patio.

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