Concrete Patios: Proper Care & Maintenance


Just like any area inside and outside a house, the concrete patio needs the proper care and maintenance to make it look attractive all the time and to extend its life. No matter how beautiful or expensive your backyard concrete ideas are, if not cared for properly, it can be turn ugly and damaged in just a short period of time. For concrete patio floors with a decorative overlay or coating on top, cleaning and maintenance are minimal but still, otherwise, needed on a regular basis. Here are some tips on the proper care and maintenance for outdoor concrete patios.


Just how many times should a patio be cleaned? This depends on how much activity happens on the patio floor. If the floor gets a lot of foot traffic and is exposed to harmful outdoor elements, such as rain, then it requires more frequent cleaning.

Cleaning Products

There are many different floor cleaning products out there and it can be quite confusing to even know which one is the most ideal for home patios. Some claim that they are “specially formulated” or “completely safe for all types of floors”, but then it can be difficult to prove that before purchasing the product, right? The best and safest cleaning product is still water. Washing with water can help remove surface dirt. If dirt is really stubborn, add a very small amount of detergent to water and brush the dirty area gently. Make sure to rinse the detergent off afterwards to prevent accidents and white powdery spots on the concrete patio.

Cleaning Tools

Most homeowners prefer decorative overlays or coatings on the patio floors rather than the traditional brick or pavers and for a good reason. Installing pavers over concrete can be quite challenging to clean. Think about those gaps between pavers and how much dirt could get into those gaps. It will require special tool to get the dirt out without damaging each individual unit. For concrete patios with stamped concrete overlays or any other decorative topping, a soft-bristled brush is enough to remove stubborn dirt and stains.


Have you ever seen pictures of patios looking all shiny and new? That shine is often a concrete sealer. Sealing a concrete floor is highly recommended by most professional contractors because it can help with cleaning and maintenance. First, it helps keep dirt on the surface. Second, it adds a shine on the floor, making it look polished and clean. Third, it serves as a protective layer, making the floor last longer than it should. The most common patio floors that need resealing are those with concrete staining.

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