Pool Decks: A Trendy Accessory for a Majestic Plunge

So here’s the thing: I don’t know how to swim. Sure, I follow a training program for an Iron Man Triathlon, but swimming isn’t part of the routine. I’m not scared of water or drowning, I just don’t know how.

But one thing caught me as I was making plans in taking up a swimming class: I want to plunge and feel like a Flamingo (or something like that) diving in for the most refreshing feel ever. I want to have a wonderful time in the pool. That was when pool decks got my attention. As a designer myself, I’m into the elements of space and shapes complementing each other. Apply these concepts onto the pool area, and you’re in for the maximum swimming experience, (even if you’re a beginner).

Using geometric shapes, glass tiles, water features, collective material liners, shallow shelves and lighting are currently one of the leading trends and fixtures of today’s outdoor design. A decorative concrete pool deck (complete with color and texture) not only entices you to a beautiful plunge but also provides a safe, slip-proof deck as you do your sunbathing or barbecuing. If you would ask me, I might as well just start learning how to swim now.

Decorative concrete has jumpstarted the creation of pool decks that complement a home’s exterior, relate externally, and imitate striking and usually expensive materials like slate, stone or even wood.

So if you want to build a new pool or improve your own, consider Sundek. Here are some pool deck designs suitable for that majestic plunge.

Let’s go and swim! I might not be that good, but with one of these pool decks, I know I’ll be a pro right away. For more on pools, head over to www.orangecountydecorativeconcrete.com, Orange County’s classiest concrete specialist.

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