Concrete Repair Options for Residential Floor Issues

When it comes to flooring materials, concrete is probably one of the most durable out there. However, as durable as anyone would want it to be, there comes the point where wear and tear would eventually show through, especially on your home. There are many reasons why its lifespan is shortened, such as a weak subgrade, low quality concrete mix, exposure to high impact, and terrible weather conditions. It is important to know the cause to find the best solution for it. Here are the most common concrete repair options in Orange County CA:


Concrete Resurfacing

For cracks, spalling, and scaling, the best but affordable option is to resurface the entire floor. There are several types of resurfacing: spray-on acrylic, epoxy flooring, or stamped concrete. Not only will these cover up the ugly damage on the surface of a concrete floor, it also gives the homeowner the opportunity to upgrade the look of their floors. Stamped concrete is able to mimic a variety of patterns, such as brick, pavers, or even natural stone.

Concrete Engraving

Engraving concrete means adding expansion joints or custom scorelines. This is ideal for recurring cracks. It is done by engraving a lines on areas where cracks often appear. This way, the cracks are disguised as engraved designs and the ground or slab underneath would have room to move and expand.

Concrete Staining

If the old concrete floor have minor blemishes, discoloration, or ugly stains, an application of a concrete stain is enough to renew its look. Homeowners can choose from acid or water-based stains, depending on the effect they want to achieve. There is a wide selection of colors available so this will be a perfect way to customize the floor based on a home’s interior design and architectural style.


An improperly compacted subgrade could cause cracking and sinking issues on a concrete slab. This is probably one of the worst and most unsightly damages that any homeowner would ever encounter. However, it still does not mean that the slab needs to be torn out and then re-poured. Slabjacking is a type of concrete repair Orange County CA service that allows a concrete slab to be put back into level. This is often done by drilling a hole on certain areas, and then injecting a special mixture to fill up the space underneath and lift the concrete back into place.

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