No matter what you use your basement for, it is always a plus to consider new and more attractive flooring for it. So what do you want from your basement flooring? Ideally, something affordable and easy to maintain. Basement flooring should also be durable and should last a while without the need for constant maintenance. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with it and decorate it.

before and after photo of concrete floor basement

When we put all these considerations together, it becomes obvious that concrete floors are the best choice. They are inexpensive, durable, and have great customization options. One of the most popular ways to decorate your concrete is concrete staining. It is a relatively affordable decorative concrete technique that offers a permanent solution to your floors, unlike paint. 

If you’re thinking about concrete staining for your basement floors, these are the best designs to consider.

1. Plain dark stains

If you’re looking for a concrete stain that is classic and that won’t ever go out of style, consider a solid dark color. Stains come in two types, and for a solid fill that is even throughout the floor, you will want to choose a water-based stain.

stained concrete orange county


Colors like dark grey, maroon, and dark blues and browns are great options for someone looking into concrete staining for their basements. The addition of a solid color underfoot can do wonders to decorating a room and sprucing it up, but its simplicity won’t limit what you can do with the room.

2. The uniqueness of acid stains

The beauty of acid stains comes from the fact that you can never truly predict how they will react with your concrete floors. That means no two acid stained floors are the same. This is because of a chemical reaction that occurs when concrete staining happens – the acid in the stain reacts to the composition of the concrete floors.

man applying acid staining on basement floor

That’s why you can find many stained concrete floors with interesting marble-like patterns and colors that were not intentional. But because acid stains only come in a limited amount of rich dark colors, your choices are somewhat limited.

3. Another flooring material

Not enough people know that concrete is one of the most versatile materials on Earth when it comes to flooring options. Not only can it be colored and stamped to enhance its natural appearance, but it can also be decorated to look like other flooring materials.

stained concrete basement floor

With a skilled contractor and an idea, you can convert your basement floors into “wood” floors, “stone” floors, or “tiled” floors. This is particularly helpful for those who want another flooring material for their basement but face the challenges of cost and moisture.