4 Concrete Staining Tips for a Luxe Looking Interior Floor

Concrete floors used to be these gray, industrial-looking surfaces that are meant to be topped off with paint, tile, carpets, and other flooring materials. Until concrete stains came and changed the game. Now, concrete floors can transform into luxurious-looking surfaces almost instantly and less expensively. Here are some concrete staining tips for unbelievably stunning interior floors:

Think Out of the Box

Often, floors are stained in earth tones, such as browns, reds, and the like. But if you feel adventurous, why not try some bolder and more vibrant hues instead? Concrete stains come in a wide range of colors. Some cool colors include aquamarine, orange, and even metallics. You can even mix two or more to acquire more interesting ones. A professional concrete contractor can help you with mixing and deciding on interesting colors.​

Complement the Indoor Color Scheme

One of the safest ways to choose a stain color is by using a complementary shade. For example, if your living room has a blue theme going on the walls, furniture, and decor, choose a contrasting yet complementing color like dark brown or beige. Do not ever use the exact same color to prevent a single color overload. It would definitely be an eyesore to see blue everywhere you turn your head.​

Seal the Stained Concrete

Applying a layer of sealer is crucial after staining concrete floors. This will seal in the color, make it last longer, and protect it from damage. Another advantage in applying a concrete sealer is that it has the ability to enhance the colors further. After sealing, the colors look shinier, deeper, and more luxurious. Sealer coats often last a couple of years or more, depending on usage and foot traffic. If it fades, it needs to be reapplied to revive the protective and enhancing function.​

Rely on a Pro

Water-based and concrete acid stain solutions may seem like easy products to install. Although there are hundreds of DIY tutorials on how to stain concrete, nothing is as efficient as having an expert do it. Why? A licensed contractor understands concrete better so he will know if the floor could still be stained or not. A highly trained pro with several years of experience would be able to come up with effective workarounds and remedies in case something does not work as it should. A pro would be able to do apply the stain quickly, effectively, and with zero bloopers.​

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