Cool Deck Coating: Is it really Cool?

A brand new pool deck always looks divine and works impressively well. However, as time goes by, it may soon look worn and may not function just as well as it was first used. Fruit drinks that have spilled on the deck could stain it. Weather changes and aging can weaken the concrete deck, too, causing cracks and spalling. If the deck is only suffering from cosmetic issues, redoing the whole area would be a waste of money. Cool deck resurfacing might be the best solution.

What are Cool Deck Coatings?

Resurfacing concrete pool decks is not something new. Although it provides a ton of benefits, there is just one issue that needs to be addressed: hot surface. When a pool deck gets exposed to tremendous heat all day, the surface gets pretty hot. Too hot, in fact, for bare feet. Imagine having to wear and remove flip flops each and every time you need to get in or out of the pool. Very inconvenient, indeed. Many concrete companies have created their own versions, such as Kool decking The most common and most recommended method is a spray knockdown texture.

Cool to the Touch

There is a reason why it is called a cool deck overlay. It maintains a cool temperature despite exposure to sunlight for long hours. The coating has the ability to reflect heat back instead of absorbing it. For a spray finish, the texture also features air pockets that allow air to circulate around the foot.

Safe to Walk On

Aside from maintaining low temperatures, another cool thing about a cool deck repair is that it improves slip-resistance. The spraying only broadcasts some of the materials, then the troweling creates a comfortable, yet textured surface to walk on. A non-skid surface is very important on pool decks especially because it gets wet all the time. Children and adult alike will surely be safer from slips and falls.

Easy on the Pocket

A spray-down concrete resurfacing with a cool deck overlay is a lot more economical than installing expensive materials or redoing the whole thing. More often than not, pool deck damage is only cosmetic. Cracks, pits, and spalling are often caused by age, foot traffic, and weather changes. Taking the weak surface off and replacing it with a better one should restore the slab, improve its appearance, and enhance its function.

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