4 Cool Decking Tips: How to Decorate It

A cool decking is an outdoor pool deck overlay that stays cool to the touch even after baking under the sun for hours. It makes it a lot easier to walk on or lie on when sunbathing. In Orange County, family and friends will surely love gathering over barbecue and some cool drinks on a pool deck that is heat-reflective, slip-resistant, and durable. Although a cool deck overlay is beneficial as it is, aesthetics is one feature you should not forget. Having an appealing deck also helps the outdoor pool experience to be a lot more enjoyable. Here are some tips on how you can enhance the look of cool deck coatings:

GOLD - Sundek of PA - Classic Texture

1. Add Color

If the resurfaced or refinished pool deck looks plain and boring, why not add a splash of color? It is important to ask the cool deck resurfacing contractor first about painting or staining it. The surface would need to have cured well enough to accept a change in color. While painting is an easier way to do it, it is highly recommended to use concrete stains. This penetrates deep into the deck so it does not peel, flake, or fade away.

2. Add Patterns

There are many different patterns available today that can be used on pool decks. For a cool decking, the pattern can be applied through stamping, engraving, or the use of stencils. You can choose a design based on the exterior of the home, the theme the pool area is going for, or to make the pool deck look like real, natural stone.

orange county pool deck resurfacing

3. Seal the Surface

Cool deck resealing is highly recommended not only to add a layer of protection to the surface but also to enhance its aesthetics. Sealers come in a variety of gloss levels, from flat to high gloss. If you are worried about compromising sheen for slip-resistance, you can incorporate a fine aggregate with a high gloss sealer to enhance its shine while improving traction.

concrete pool deck coping stone

4. Use with Other Systems

There are other decorative concrete options out there for pool decks. The great thing about cool decking is that you can use it with other systems. For example, you can have a spray knockdown finish in certain areas and then some stamped concrete overlay patterns on the other areas. Mixing and matching them creates a unique, but highly aesthetic pool deck that pool owners will truly adore.

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