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A pool area is almost a necessity in residential properties nowadays. With the warm climate common in the Orange County area, it is also necessary to have a cool decking. Remember how you have to skip and hop awkwardly on a hot pool deck surface just to get to and from and the pool? There is a remedy. And it does not cost a fortune.

More often than not, home and public pool owners only realize how hot concrete can get in the summertime when everyone wants to do nothing but enjoy the pool. It would be too late to take the slab out. Possible, but definitely costly. This is how cool deck coatings came about

A cool pool deck coating is capable of reflecting heat back instead of absorbing it. This feature helps keep the surface 30% cooler than most types of pool deck materials. A thin layer of this coating, spread on the existing concrete, is enough to provide a cooler surface that is also aesthetically pleasing and slip-resistant.

Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing with Spray Texture Cool Deck Coatings

One of the main reasons why this pool deck overlay works bests is that it is able to reflect more heat, around 30%, than any other type of pool cool deck repair. Here are other noteworthy benefits of applying a coating on existing concrete surface:

  • The acrylic concrete coating used on pool decking is sprayed and knocked down with a trowel, resulting in a texture that creates air pockets underfoot.
  • It features a slip-resistant texture that prevents slips and falls, even when it is wet.
  • The pool deck coating is effective in covering up signs of deck repair as well as marks of stains and discoloration.
  • It is an affordable method of updating the look and restoring the existing pool deck deck.

Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of decorative concrete manufacturers offering product brands like mentioned above. StarDek and Surecrete, came up with cool deck resurfacing solutions to resolve or at least minimize how pool decks overheat under the sun. KoolDeck, one of the popular brands, use a stamping method to apply their kool decking product. CTI and EliteCrete provide dealerships with their own special mix of cool deck coating. We use a product which is a cementitious coating sprayed on a concrete surface and then knocked down manually with a trowel to create that non-skid yet stunning texture.

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