How Much Is to Customize Epoxy Garage Floor Design?

The garage is not always a priority in most home renovation projects. For some homeowners in Orange County, CA, garage appeal and functionality are the farthest from their minds. But everyone should take care of their garage because it is an important space that keeps your car safe. 

If you inspect your garage, you will likely find it dull and unattractive. What used to be a decent-looking floor may now look embattled with scuffs, cracks, and oil stains. But you can liven it up by applying epoxy on your garage flooring Orange County.

Custom Build with Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy is a long-lasting and durable coating for your garage floor. It is a resin material mixed with hardening substances that protects your epoxy flooring Orange County CA from imperfections.

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Cost of Customization

If you want your own design, you can request customization of your epoxy flooring Orange County. The national price range of using epoxy for your garage floor is between $800 and $5,000

Below are the customization costs according to the size of your garage floor and the design you choose.

Customization costs according to size

1-Car Garage Size

  • Low – $800
  • Average – $1,325
  • High – $1,850

2-Car Garage Size

  • Low – $1,300
  • Average – $2,200
  • High – $3,100

3-Car Garage Size

  • Low – $2,100
  • Average – $3,550
  • High – $5,000
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Customization Costs According to Design

If you prefer customized decorative garage floors with unique designs, you can use 3D images. A 3D floor is a three-dimensional image coated with synthetic resin. 

3D images use the highest possible resolution (at least 300 dpi). Their coating consists of epoxy and a protective substance. 

A custom DIY 3D epoxy garage flooring design can range from $10 to $20 per square foot. It involves printing your design and laying it on your floor using a powerful glue or an epoxy resin adhesive. 

For professional customizations, the cost ranges from $100 to $550 per square meter. Several factors affect the price. These are the 3D pattern, materials, paint cost, base preparation, and installation work.

How does a professional apply epoxy with a 3D image on the floor?

Garage flooring installers follow a series of steps to ensure the perfect installation of decorative garage floors. 

Below is the procedure they use when installing epoxy garage flooring with a 3D image.

  1. Prepare the substrate using grinding and sanding tools. The entire surface must be smooth. 
  2. Fill all cracks and holes using the appropriate filler and putty. Let it dry well. 
  3. Seal the edges and corners of the garage floor to make them waterproof.
  4. Apply a self-leveling epo primer.
  5. Install the 3D image. 
  6. Apply layers of epoxy on the 3D image to create a transparent component over the image.
  7. Apply a protective sealer for the top coat.
man applying epoxy on the floor

In installing epoxy flooring, it is crucial to remember that one day garage floors installation is not possible. It takes 25 hours for the epoxy to dry out

For your garage floor to last long, you should wait 48 to 72 hours before exposing it to heavy traffic.


Give your garage flooring Orange County a new look with durable epoxy flooring. In fact, why not give it a refreshing appeal with 3D epoxy garage flooring showing your favorite scenery?

Update your garage floor without the complex way of taking out old slabs. Get a professional for estimates on upgrading to an epoxy garage floor with your custom design.

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