4 Cool Decor Ideas Using Decorative Concrete Overlay and Coatings

Concrete is a very versatile material. This trait has been tested and proven in buildings, homes, and more. It can be used for almost anything and can be molded to any shape. Decorative concrete coatings and overlays have further extended its versatility, making it possible to incorporate patterns and colors. If you ever have extra concrete leftover from the most recent construction or remodeling project you had, here are cool things you could do with it:

Concrete Planters

Create your own planters with concrete. Just get an old juice box or milk carton, fill the inside with concrete and place a block of wood or something with a similar shape in the middle to hold the concrete’s shape. Once it has dried and hardened, you can stain it with your desired colors.

OC stains are highly recommended because it is easier to install and easier to handle. You can also make big ones and then have a pro stamp some patterns around it to make it look more decorative. A spray texture would also look great on planters. It is not as bold as stamped patterns but it has just the right minimalistic look that would look great with any type of plant and complimentary to your decorative concrete walls.

Stepping Stones

Walkways look great with stepping stones and gravel. It gives it that enchanting feel like you are entering a secret garden. You can create your own stepping stones with your very own design concept. You can have a pro stamp on the ones you create with stone or leaf patterns to make the pathway more interesting. If you want a fun design, try staining stepping stones with different pastel colors. The rainbow pathway will definitely be magical for kids and adults alike.

Decorative Fire Pits

If you have existing fire pits, hire a pro to resurface or refinish it with a stamped overlay. There are so many patterns to choose from. The most popular are stone, brick, and cobblestone. This can also be done on fireplaces, be it indoors or out. If you wish to make it look like real stone, hire a skilled artisan to manually stain it.

Wood Benches

Wood benches can be expensive especially if you choose those made with high quality treated wood. Those are designed to endure outdoor weather. If you already have concrete seating hardscape installed in your patio or garden, update its look with a stamped wooden pattern.

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