Introduction to Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating

Something better than applying paint to color the concrete floor is decorative epoxy floor coating. However, this is way beyond ordinary floor paint. So, how does epoxy floor coating exactly work?

This blog will introduce you to everything you need about epoxy floorings. 

marble inspired floor in a office area

What is Decorative Epoxy Coating?

A decorative epoxy coating is a liquid application that you pour and roll over a concrete surface That results from an ordinary grey cement into a more stylish, colorful, and functional flooring slab. 

The coating combines durable, non-organic resin and hardeners that, when bonded together and adhered to a concrete surface, the materials solidify. The end product is as strong as plain ordinary cement floor material.

When the epoxy coating wasps the floor surface, you get a durable, high-resistant flooring suitable for high traffic and heavily weathered floors

Attributes & Characteristics

Here are the main characteristics of decorative epoxy flooring:

  • Strong bond
  • Fast curing
  •  Super resistant
  •  Impact and stain resistant 
  •  Moisture resistant
  •  Highly customizable 
An essential attribute of epoxy is that it is made of two-part solids. Part A is the resin or the synthetic polymer that becomes a solid material, a dense coating that makes epoxy hard to break and damage. 
Part B is the hardener for the catalyst. Once the resin coating hits the hard surface, it becomes a solid material. Making it solid quickly is the hardener or catalyst, which also often comes in a clear compound. This is what also makes the high gloss surface the appearance of epoxy. 

Different Types of Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating

Self-leveling Epoxy

The self-leveling epoxy is a typical type suitable for most heavy traffic areas. This can help repair any flaws in a concrete surface, restoring the flooring’s seamless and even looks and feel.

Contractors spreading out an epoxy coating on a floor

Moisture- Barrier Epoxy

This epoxy coating is often the one used in high moisture areas, and it is mainly used in garage and basement areas where moisture is frequent.

applications of concrete epoxy flooring on the surface using a roller

Where Is It Ideal To Use?

Epoxy can be a versatile floor coating material with proper use and maintenance. 

However, you must be aware and use the proper type of epoxy for a specific degree of traffic a. Also, be aware that a regular epoxy coating would easily crack or chip when exposed to the UV rays. Outdoors may not be the best place to apply an epoxy coating. However, an epoxy-based coating enhanced with acrylic compounds would be a perfect material for coating decks and other outdoor surfaces. 

But for the most part, epoxy coating is best used among the following:

  • Forklift areas
  • Manufacturing labs
  • Restaurant 
  • High sanitation areas
  • Hospitals, clinic
  • Food lab
  • Kitchens and mess halls
  • Learning facilities 
  • Malls
  • Museum and entertainment rooms

It is still best to contact your local epoxy installers. They will provide you with the information you need as well as help you with your epoxy flooring needs.

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