De-icing Salts and Stamped Concrete: What You Need to Know

In places where winter involves snow and ice, everyone should be cautious about walking on transformed pool deck surfaces layered with a sheet of slippery ice. This is quite dangerous since slipping on it could cause terrible injuries and driving on it could result in accidents. Here are important things you need to know when dealing with stamped concrete surfaces before, during, and after winter.

Preparing the Stamped Concrete Surface for Winter

  • First and foremost, make sure that the surface is properly sealed. A layer or two of a good sealer will seal off the pores of the concrete, making it impossible for moisture to penetrate past the surface.
  • Make sure that there are no damages that could get worse during winters, such as cracked concrete texture and holes. Perform the necessary repairs or hire an expert to do it.
  • Check to see if the surface is even or not. If you notice that water puddles at certain areas, this means some parts have sunk or some have lifted. The danger here is that, when winter arrives, water could puddle there and create a thick ice slab that could cause slips and falls.

Using De-icing Salts During Winter

De-icing salts was the go-to solution for maintaining non-skid concrete surfaces. Although it is quite helpful, it can be damaging to the concrete itself. Salt can weaken the concrete, causing small holes to appear. It can also bleach a stained surface especially if the slab is not sealed properly. Alternatives to de-icing salts are sand and kitty litter. Spread scarcely but evenly on concrete surfaces, it can provide enough traction and will keep sheets of ice from forming. They won’t scratch the surface of the stamped concrete and will not create any chemical reaction that could weaken the concrete or make its color fade.

Cleaning Up After Winter

When Winter is done and out of the forecast, it is important to sweep off any kitty litter or sand residue from the driveway, entryway, or anywhere else you used it on. Check the stamped concrete surface for any damage that may have popped out over the Winter but was covered up by snow or ice.

Many people have their own ideas and remedies when it comes to maintaining a slip-free stamped concrete surface. Make sure to check with a stamped concrete surface expert regarding products or systems you could adapt to make future Winters stress and worry-free.

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