DIY Concrete Repair or Hire a Concrete Contractor?

Concrete floors are durable but many elements could cause it to weaken and deteriorate, such as heavy foot traffic, impact, or severe weather. You know it needs concrete repair but it can be tough deciding whether you should do the repairs or hire someone to do it for you. If you feel torn, you should weigh your options. Here are pros and cons to help you make a sound decision.

Why You Should Repair Concrete Floors Yourself
  • You cut labor costs since you do all the work. If it takes more than one person to tackle the job, you can always count on your brother, dad, uncle, or a helpful neighbor to help you out.
  • It can be quite fulfilling to be able to accomplish a task like repairing concrete floors. There is a certain satisfaction acquired after all is done and working.
  • It is a great opportunity for you to learn a new skill. There are video tutorials and instructional books on repairing concrete you could follow. If you already have the skill, a DIY is an opportunity to put it into practice and improve further.
Why You Should Hire a Concrete Contractor
  • Concrete repair is quite time-consuming especially if the damage is deep and extensive. Hiring a pro helps you save precious time and use it for something that matters more than your concrete floor.
  • A concrete contractor is trained, highly skilled, and experienced in the field of repairing floors. You can rest assured that the outcome would be something high quality.
  • Pros do it better and faster. Because they already have a process they follow and adhere to, the repair process goes smoother. There is no guess work involved and they don’t miss important steps.
  • Licensed contractors provide services that come with a warranty. If in case an adjustment is needed, they would come back, do the adjustment, and then charge you nothing extra.
  • Pros partner with vendors and suppliers so you know the materials they use are top quality. They would be able to get the things they need at a more affordable price compared to when you have to be the one to purchase at a local hardware.
  • Professional concrete contractors have the appropriate tools and equipment needed for better and faster repairs. They have the proper gear as well to stay protected during the concrete repair project.
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