Should You DIY Stamped Concrete?

You’ve probably come across numerous posts telling you “Of course you can do a stamped concrete project all by yourself!” followed by an inviting “We’ll show you how!” And yes, technically you can DIY stamped concrete. Which brings us to the saying: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Frankly, you shouldn’t. Who wants to go through the strain and frustration of a do-it-yourself stamped concrete project? In this article, we give you reasons why concrete stamping is better left to the pros.

It takes years of experience and skill.

It’s not so hard to believe that these professionals didn’t learn their skills overnight. Especially not in front of a computer reading DIY instructions from a blog. It takes years of continuous learning and application to acquire the proficiency that contractors and pros have. Needless to say, they probably know better than your favorite DIY blogger.

stamped concrete installation
It doesn’t allow room for errors.

Being a stamped concrete newbie, there’s no denying that you are bound to make mistakes. The thing is, we’re talking about a project that you only have one chance to do right. Compared to home improvement projects that involve assembling and disassembling, concrete stamping isn’t something you can get back to the next day. It is a tedious process that requires careful attention to detail. Certainly not as easy as following step-by-step instructions.

It calls for the right materials and equipment.

The equipment and materials you’ll need to properly execute this project can cost a lot of money. Maybe even more than what it will cost to call an expert have it done for you right the first time. Without the knowledge of what the right tools are, there’s no way of making sure that the result will be a positive outcome. Not to mention the fact that you’ll spend more if you call a contractor too late and they’ll have to fix where you went wrong.

There are many issues that you will encounter.

If you don’t know enough understanding on elevations and slope, that’s going to be a problem. The result is slope issues like puddling and standing water. If you aren’t familiar enough with modern-day concrete mix components and ratios, that’s going to be a problem. This can have a negative effect on the color and durability of the concrete. These are only some of the problems that we can mention, but the point is that these issues can’t easily be repaired.

If you want foolproof stamped concrete in Orange County, stop reading DIY articles and start calling a professional! Our expert Orange County concrete contractors are your partners in a successful concrete stamping project. Want to read more? Check out our post on the Four Common Types of Concrete Pool Deck Coping.

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