Do’s and Don’ts For Pool Deck Maintenance

Having your own pool area is nothing short of a luxury. While it is indeed an accessible space for fun and enjoyment, there is one crucial thing that pool owners sometimes take for granted: pool deck maintenance. Whether you like it or not, you would have to deal with deck debris, concrete damage, slippery spots, and the like. Worry not. As long as you have a list of basic things you need to do regularly to maintain your pool decking, it will always be in pristine condition.


Repair Pool Decking Damage Immediately

It is important to have the pool deck checked yearly even if it’s just a check-up. This way, you can catch issues before they get worse. There are inexpensive concrete repair methods available today for almost any type of damage.

Reseal the Concrete Pool Deck Every Few Years

It is important for pool deck surfaces to be sealed. Concrete is highly porous and anything that penetrates the slab could wreak havoc from within. If your deck is still in good condition, all you have to do is have it resealed every couple of years or yearly if it gets heavy foot traffic. If there are minor issues on the surface, a decorative resurfacing greatly improves its form and function. Otherwise, get a remodeling job done instead.

Get Rid of Dirt and Debris

Simply sweeping the surface of the pool deck regularly can help rid it of fallen leaves and any other debris. Do not allow leaves to rot on top of the deck. This could cause discoloration especially on a concrete surface.

Rearrange Furniture

Moving furniture in different positions on a pool deck can help prevent stressed spots on the surface. Sometimes, a chair that has been positioned on the same spot through the years will cause scratches or sunken spots where the feet are. Rearranging them every now and then will help prevent this.


Don’t Paint the Deck

Paint is not a huge fan of moisture or water for that matter. The splashes of water from the pool or even rainfall will only damage the paint, causing it to separate from the deck, flake, and ultimately peel off. Instead of paint, use another finishing method, like stained concrete.

Don’t Overwash

Washing the deck is alright but do not overdo it. Hard and frequent washing could cause more damage than good. The constant scrubbing or pressure from a water hose could weaken the surface.

Don’t Use Chemical-based Cleaners

There are many commercial products out there that claim to clean pool decks efficiently. If you must use one, make sure to choose one that contain natural ingredients. Chemical-based products may harm the concrete slab, the sealer, or any coating on it. It is highly recommended to consult a pro before using any product.

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