Eco-Friendly Tips To Improve The Look Of Your Floors: Part 1 – Interior Spaces

Do you want to treat yourself, your family, and other living things with more kindness and care? This glow-up-from-within mentality means you should also change how your house looks inside! If you need to learn about good ways to be sustainable, this blog will show you how.

We got plenty of tips for you! Make space in your interior floors. This is part 1 of our list of sustainable concrete flooring.

How Can I Have Sustainable Interior Design?

Here are multiple sustainable ways and sub-tips that have promising benefits.

Prioritizing Durability

Have you seen interior floors in Orange County, CA? They like wood floors, which look great in any room. But trees are being cut down quickly, and making plastics takes a lot of energy. Luckily, you can use concrete interior floors.

Stamped Concrete

Resurfaced, stamped, and stained interior concrete floors can mimic the look and feel of wooden floors. If sealed and cleaned, it will last 17 years.

To clean it, you can do the following:

  • For the deep clean, use an energy-efficient pressure washer.
  • A water bucket, mop, or push broom is enough for daily cleaning.
  • Use a small amount of eco-friendly liquid soap.
  • Rinse again to ensure all the soap is gone.

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete interior floors are a simple and excellent investment because of the following:

  • Seamless finish
  • Long-lasting 
  • Prevents dust and allergens
  • Light reflective

Sealing the Concrete Floors without Using Chemicals

Seal interior concrete floors with eco-friendly polyurethane sealers that don’t contain silicone and have very few or no VOCs (less than one g/l). Aside from floors, you can use them to seal countertops.

Set-up Natural Lighting, Ventilation, and Insulation

Natural light, airflow, and other ways to stay warm could save you a lot of money on your electric bill and medical costs.

Without natural light, our bodies won’t get enough vitamins, and body clocks won’t work right. Harmful molds can also grow in places that don’t get enough airflow. Air conditioners and heaters are also bad for the environment because they use energy that releases carbon into the air.

Use Multiple Long or Narrow Openings

Long or narrow openings are used in architecture to make rooms more relaxed or to spread airflow evenly. This way of building works in any climate because you can change the size and number of openings. You can also use them to let in natural light, which adds to the beauty of your home.

Some examples of this application include:

  • Clerestory Windows – light and ventilation.
  • Jalousie Windows – light and ventilation.
  • Brise Soleil – external aesthetic usable for ventilation and light control.
  • Ridge Vent – narrow roof opening for ventilation.
house with clerestory windows
jalousie windows with curtains
roof shingles with ridge vents

Use Light Colors For Surfaces

Because light colors reflect more light and heat than they absorb, and they have benefits like:

  • Less light electricity use.
  • Avoid overheated places.
  • Better ambiance for mental health.

Use Eco-friendly Rugs

Rugs are good insulators. When rugs are called “eco-friendly,” it may mean they are safe for the environment during their:

  •  Manufacturing (Ethical and Natural)
  •  Usage
  •  Storage
  • Disposal

Plant More

NASA-funded studies found that plants cut down on some indoor pollutants and can increase relative humidity to levels that are healthier and more comfortable.

Recycling Materials

Use the following to turn them into new items or furniture that are long-lasting and simple to maintain:

  • Paper or Cardboard 
  • Glass Jars and bottles
  • Rigid plastic
  • Tin, aluminum, and steel cans, along with other metal containers.
  • Old fibers and clothes.

Design For Life

You can devise ways to improve people’s lives with the above ideas. If you find it hard to design, you can ask local professional designers and experts of interior floors in Orange County, California, architects, or installers for help. 

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