Enhancing a Spray Texture Pool Deck with a View

A spray texture pool deck is one of the most popular trends nowadays. A lot of people are loving the subtle appeal that the texture provides, sort of like a stucco wall but less intense. What’s not to love? It is slip-resistant, cool to the feet, and more affordable than other pool deck materials. You can even have it installed on an existing deck as an enhancement or repair option. The great thing about a spray-on pool deck is that it goes with almost any pool setting. Here are ways you can enhance it to complement whatever view you have from the pool area.

concrete pool deck coping stone

Forest View

Creating an oasis in the midst of a forest will definitely make you feel closer to nature. Choose a concrete spray texture color that best complements the rich browns and greens of the forest. Add a bit of color to break the monotony. The colors can be introduced through pillows, pool deck chairs, some decorative lamps, or an outdoor rug. Just make sure that you clear the deck of falling leaves and branches regularly to maintain the strength and appeal of the deck.

Mountain View

Chances are, the wide skies can be seen from your pool area. It would be great to use a spray texture color that is light enough to reflect the sun’s heat and to keep the surface cool. Choose outdoor furniture that is comfortable enough for lounging especially when viewing the sunrise or sunset. Add some umbrellas or any type of shade to create a safe zone during midday when the sun is at its hottest.

Water View

A view of the sea or a lake is a refreshing way to help you enjoy your dip in the pool much better. Because there are so many ways for water to reach your pool deck, make sure that the spray textured deck is sealed with an appropriate sealer. This will extend its lifespan and enhance its durability especially if you are near the sea where the deck could get exposed to salt through the air.

Whether you have a view or not, you deserve a pool area that lets you enjoy, relax, and even enhance your health and wellbeing. A spray texture coating is one of the safest options out there as it can go with any color, design, and style preference. Consult a pro to get reliable pool deck assessment on what’s right for you. If you want to know more about improving your outdoor spaces from decks to patios, feel free to see our next blog about ways to improve your outdoor spaces.

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