5 Essentials for a Better-Looking Driveway

The driveway may just be something you drive through to get from the street to your garage. Although that is its main purpose, it would help to make it as appealing as it can be. First of all, it is often the first thing people see in a property. So if the driveway is unattractive, the curb appeal rating could be somewhere in the lower half of the scale.

There are various concrete contractor companies in Orange County out there that offer to enhance concrete driveways. This alone is proof that a driveway is more than just a driveway. It is an experience. Just like when you dress to impress, there are certain essentials that your look must have to make an impact. Here are five essentials concrete driveway surfaces must have to make a lasting impression:

concrete driveway


While concrete color often ranges around grays and browns, there are ways to make it look livelier and more interesting. A stained concrete solution is one of the most popular trends nowadays. You can add color to the driveway and then extend it to the garage flooring surface. Acid stain has a wide selection of colors to choose from. It looks natural on the concrete surface and it won’t peel off or fade, so you can cross those issues out of your worry list.

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When you think of design, patterns may have crossed your mind. There are many patterns that would look on a driveway. Stamped concrete overlays can mimic the look of brick, pavers, flagstone, slate, and many other paving materials. But if you want something more subtle, you can add patterns at the edges or borders instead.


Aside from improving the appearance of a driveway, a textured driveway helps improve traction as well. An acrylic concrete coating, for example, creates a stucco-like texture that makes a driveway slip-resistant. You may also have patterns imprinted. The grooves of the pattern help tires grip the surface better, especially during wet weather.


Is the driveway looking dull or flat? A coating of concrete sealer can give it an instant makeover. There are many types of concrete sealers with different finishes. Make sure to choose one that is appropriate for the type of driveway you have. You can also choose how glossy the finish would be. Too much shine might reflect sunlight too much, causing a blinding distraction as you drive across the driveway.


Lighting always makes things look better. For driveways, lighting can make it look better at night and also contribute to the safety factor. Instead of adding one huge spotlight directly illuminating the driveway, add subtle lights in lower heights. It can be in the form of sconces hanging on either side of the garage door. It can be in small, knee-level light posts along the edge of the driveway. Just make sure that the lamps also look good in the daytime when the lights are off.

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