4 Factors that Will Help Spray Texture Last Longer

Spray texture is one of the most popular coatings available for use on outdoor concrete spaces. It is known by many names, including knockdown texture, knockdown finish, and lace texture. While it is a slip-resistant and durable coating, a lot of homeowners are concerned about how long it would last. With these factors, spray texture is most likely going to last for several years.

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The Quality of the Material

There are many spray texture coating manufacturers out there. It is important for you or your contractor to use the best possible type to ensure longer lasting surfaces. Purchase only from a legit source. It is highly recommended to check reviews of spray texture products to know which brands last longer.

The Quality of Installation

If you want a durable spray concrete texture surface, hire a pro to install it. Unless you have experience and training installing a coating with a hopper gun, it might be best to let a licensed contractor handle it. Proper installation plays a huge role in the lifespan of a spray-down coating.

Proper Maintenance

Spray texture requires minimal maintenance. As long as it is kept clean and properly sealed, it should last several years. Make sure to inspect your concrete space regularly to catch wear and tear at its earliest stage. This will help prevent major repairs or, worse, another resurfacing.

The Original Concrete Slab

The condition of the concrete slab where the spray texture goes also plays a huge role. It must be in good shape to accept the coating and keep it intact. Installers often prepare the surface beforehand, cleaning it and applying necessary repairs. If the slab has moisture issues, working cracks, or is too old and brittle, the coating may not adhere properly and future issues are bound to appear.

Every homeowner wants a better concrete space. Spray texture helps improve the slip-resistance and aesthetics of any outdoor concrete space, such as pool decks and patios. To keep it intact and durable for many years to come, these factors must be kept in consideration. You can just let the coating do its thing and expect it to last longer on its own. You need to plan carefully, prepare the concrete slab beforehand, and exert a little bit of elbow grease. With all these kept in check, you are guaranteed to enjoy your spray texture surface for many years to come.

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