Garage Designs Which Are Hip for 2022

You learned about revamping the garage floors to make way for a functional space or man cave to hone creativity the past year.

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It’s time to adopt a new perspective to create the colors and patterns in your garage flooring Orange County. In the year 2022, garage areas will now focus on adapting to the unique styles, innovation, and accepting constant change.

Garage Design Approaches to Make it Hip for 2022

But before you list down today’s pick for the hippest design for garages, here are themes and features that will never change when restructuring and revamping the spaces in your properties.

  • The Color 
  • The Flooring
  • General Storages

“Very Peri” Colored Garages

very peri gradient

Back in 2021, Pantone Colored the world with Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey. This 2022 Pantone color consulting hails “Very Peri” as the year’s badge of color.

What can you take away from adapting to this color style? Last year, you emphasized creativity and isolation and loved the grey neutrals as a comforting beginning for artistic ideas. You will now remind yourself to embrace the transformation with very peri.

You may want to ask how to change the color of your garage epoxy with hints of lavender or periwinkle. And ultimately, does it fit? Check out how a very peri flooring matches the garage areas.

The shades of purple can bring more chaos to the garage if you do not know how to work with this motif.

Here are some practical steps to do it:

  • Incorporate purple lights using LED
  • Utilize epoxy floors like chip-flake epoxy or metallic epoxy to add a shade of “Peri” on the floors
  • Make use of a black base color for the flooring

The Matrix 3D Flooring


Try imagining “The Matrix.” Instead of using neon green lights as a colored grid on the surface, replace that with a different light in periwinkle. Have you ever thought of designing grunge-matrix-inspired flooring ​?

Why not use this chance to integrate 3D floors into your garage! Creating a 3D theme in the past may look too out of place. But now you can do this by choosing the right colors and appropriate design.

Matrix-style flooring looks hip and cool. Use energy-infusing colors like neon purple or blue. Or like the one discussed earlier with Very Peri. You can customize this design to suit your preference.

Modern Innovative Storages

Lastly, to be hip this year, maximize the use of functional spaces. Unite your garage surfaces with the storage areas. Cool DIY storage and racks are everywhere when you search online. It will let you add a personal touch to your car-park zone and keep the man cave idea you probably have built here before.

All these are possible with a little innovation. You can also inquire about your garage flooring contractors to answer any underlying questions.

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