Guide to Choosing What Is The Best Garage Floor Color

The best color for the garage floors is the ones easy to clean, not too bright, and encourage easy maintenance. These colors are nude colors like beige, grey, amber, or tan, or almond.

For instance, you opt for a Hollywood-director-inspired garage like the ones Michael Bay owns. He used white polished epoxy flooring in Orange County CA. Unfortunately, white floors, which look cool but are hard to maintain, do not work for all types of spaces.

Unless you also have a million-dollar-styled property and can afford a million-dollar maintenance team, then you can go for the all-white polished look. But read today’s post first. Before you bury your face in dismay choosing colors that are outdated and hard to keep, know what colors fit right in your garage areas.

Color Themes For The Garage

The list today fits any season, and not only what is in the current trend. For example, the garage caters the best color to the garage floors’ function rather than caring for how it looks.

1. Color that Complements Your Garage

The color you choose must coincide with the overall look of your garage. In general, garage spaces have the equipment, cars, tools, and greasy devices. Therefore, the colors that complement its functions do not reveal too much of the mess and the chaos. 

The way to complement the color is to match the mood of the garage. Not all garage looks dim or gory. Some have well-lighted garages with massive garage windows.

For dim spaces, you may want to use metallic colors. An epoxy flooring Orange County CA creates metal-like shades for making a space look brighter. For the rooms or areas that need contrast, a floor coating with multiple color combos is suitable. You can also use chip-flake epoxy with chip additives to make color accents pop up front eh floors.

Cream colored epoxy garage floor coating

2. The Right Garage Color

Is there a right garage color? Good question! The other way to look at your garage is to focus on its function, just like mentioned above. For dynamic spaces, the right color to create the garage floors requires not such bright hues. You do not need super fury red chip patterns or too much glimmer of metallic epoxy.

Just use the right amount of color. If you opt to use a dark color base for your garage floors Orange County, CA, then contrast it with light, thin microfilming of subdued pigments, like a silver-blue epoxy. Or use the standard colors with white blends added for a subtle effect.

Gray polyurea polyaspartic garage floor

3. Choosing The Color to Match Doors, Walls, and Cabinets

Next, last on this list. The color you choose will look best if you match it with the doors, walls, and cupboards or cabinets. 

Look at these objects around your garage. For example, you might have metallic cabinets. The best colors that will match the metallic fixtures are garage floor colors that do not shine brighter than anything else in the room.

You might design your garage with vinyl sliding doors. These are enough to bring in light to reflect on the two-car garage size. You can use nude floor coating. Or a white-based epoxy floor. To create a contrast on the shiny floor, you can finish the design with a 3D image or ask your flooring contractor Orange County to make splatters of darker epoxy paint as the floor’s design coat.

White epoxy garage floor coating wit red car parked in it
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