Garage Space Organizer: A Lookbook for the Whole Year

There are many different approaches to organizing a garage. You could get away with a few additional drawers or flange your flooring with the help of garage flooring Orange County contractors and designers.

But not every simple remedy can sate your need for a better workspace. So here are some of the top suggestions to learn how to organize and improve the usability of your garage.

Achieving a Clean and Organized Garage

Your garage areas can also be an extension of your home where you can use it for storage, workspace, or carpentry space. Unfortunately, the garage is usually put to the side when it comes to routinely organizing and cleaning. And it could turn into a place where things go that are never used or stuff you don’t know what to do with.

If you have children, the garage could fill with old toys, outdoor things like bicycles, deflated kiddie pools, and more. Long-time athletes quickly fill garages with sports equipment, training gear, and other things that tend to be hoarded over time.

It is remarkable how much you can store in a garage, including lawn and garden equipment, garbage and recyclables, outdoor recreational equipment, paint, and excess building materials. The list is endless. Sincerely, it is no surprise when the garage is a mess.

Clean and organized garage with a lot of space

Garage Ideas

According to organizing experts, only 30% of garage owners keep their cars in the garage. The cause? A lot of unused stuff. And a simple solution is to get rid of everything you don’t need. Below are organizing ideas you can try for your garages.

Industrial Garage for the Modern

The most common choice for contemporary designs is industrial garages used for industrial activity. You can easily prioritize your interests in a garage like this, with pretty much a general theme for any hobby or line of interest you may have. Do you like cars? You set up a repair table for hand repairs, complete with a table, toolbox within hand reach, and possibly a collection of old parts for project cars.

industrial-type garage area featuring various tools and a cabinet

Clean and Linear for an Idealist

Going linear might be your best option if you own a small garage. After getting rid of the stuff that clutters your garage space, the best thing to do is to organize everything in a way that won’t make a mess, similar to how your garage looked before cleaning it out.

Setting up drawers or containers for certain stuff you need in your garage is a straightforward way to organize. Sure, you can use your garage for additional storage but remember that non-garage-related stuff tends to cause clutter.

Garage Nook & Shelves for a Bookworm

A smart storage alternative is pre-made shelf units or cabinets mounted on legs so you can simply clean the floor under them. Shelves are more affordable and easier to reach (because you don’t need extra clearance to swing the doors open), making scanning your belongings for storage simple.

You may have a workbench with a toolbox on the side of the floor. But what better use of your garage space than to incorporate the walls? Garage nooks offer convenient access to your frequently used tools or common things you reach for whenever you walk into your garage.

Clean and modern garage with epoxy coating

Sleek But Brusque Look For Bikers Garage

Bikers have a general vibe to their garage workstations. Other than bike-specific tools and related wares, it wouldn’t hurt to do additional remodeling to help with your garage sessions.

A dedicated spot for your oils, fuel, paints, and cleaning materials can help give your garage a cleaner look. Not to mention that the appropriate ambiance can help achieve a motivational working environment.

Make Sure We Have Plenty of Space for All Those Bikes

If you have a collection of dirt jumpers, road bikes, BMX bikes, enduro bikes, and project bikes, you can store them in your garage according to your space. There are many ways you can neatly put your Bicycles on display.

Bike racks are a common remedy to have your bikes stand by for easy access, but if you don’t have enough space for the rack on your floor. You can mount PVC pipes or DIY wooden holders to your wall to hold your bike by the saddle or top tube. Another good way to hang your bike is to attach a heavy-duty hook onto a piece of wood to hold your bike vertically by the front wheel, using the height of your garage rather than only the horizontal space it offers.

Wrap Up

Make a plan before you start to fill up your garage once more. If you’re thinking about it, measure your area before purchasing any new shelves or hooks. Make sure to give the flooring space the attention it needs to prevent any worse damage, a garage flooring Orange County will be of help to you when it comes to taking care of the concrete floor surface.

Determine whether you require any bins, shelves, or baskets. Before you put everything back, make sure to purchase them. For more information about garages check out: Creating Specialized Workstations in Your Garage: 5 Chic Style Ideas

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